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Anti Slip Bolt Down Plates Increase in Variety!

Anti-Slip Tape

Ensuring we have anti-slip products for any situation means we are always creating new products. New anti-slip bolt down plates are the latest addition…

We now have an increased range of our easy to apply bolt down anti-slip plates that are held for immediate dispatch with no minimum order quantities. At this time of the year, many companies are looking at resolving slip problems, the wet weather and darker conditions make external conditions far worse, but, this is often the worse time to take these tasks on; permanently sodden timber is hard to adhere onto, wet concrete needs to dry etc. Our bolt down plates very effectively resolve slip problems that are otherwise impossible to deal with; our plates do not need a dry surface, they are not concerned if the concrete is crumbly etc. We now produce four different sizes as standard;

  • 115mmx635mm flat plate (our most popular size)
  • 115mmx1m flat plate
  • 63mmx635mm flat plate
  • 120mmx45mmx635mm L-shaped plate

Our anti-slip bolt down plates can be coated with any of the Heskins safety-grip range.

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