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BS5609 Marine Immersion Test for Anti Slip Tape


The BS5609 marine immersion test is an important pass for our anti-slip tapes. Read about the BS5609 marine immersion test procedure in this blog post.

Back in 2012, we sent off some samples of our H3415 coarse resilient anti slip tape for the BS5609 marine immersion test.

The BS5609 ‘Marine Immersion’ tests were carried out to attain just how effectively our material would perform underwater, mainly how durable would adhesion be?

The BS5609 test involved applying H3415 coarse resilient anti slip tape to an alloy plate, which was then fixed to a jetty in a mid-tide position. This allowed it to go through 13 weeks of consistent periods of submersion during high tide (BS5609 section 1) and exposure to air at low tide This would determine how the sea water or more the minerals within would or could affect the adhesive once dried on (BS5609 section 2).

A full on 13-week, intensive live test is always the best way to determine whether a product is suitable for use and at the end of the 13 weeks coarse resilient anti slip tape passed with flying colours, with the adhesive holding strong throughout the entirety of the testing phase.

For more information on H3415 coarse resilient anti slip tape, you can visit the webpage. If you would like to speak to a member of our sales team, you can do so via phone or live chat. Alter­natively, complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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