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DIN 30710 Reflective Tape Now Available

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Heskins new DIN 30710 reflective tape is a variant on the glass bead microprismatic tape we produce. Available in left and right-hand versions, this reflective tape features wide chevrons ideal for large vehicles and plant equipment. Read about DIN 30710 reflective tape here.

We are proud to be able to provide (stoked as the youth would say) DIN 30710 reflective tape. DIN 30710 is produced in wide red/white chevrons. To ensure a neat finish we have decided to produce both left hand and right hand to enable you to have the perfect aesthetic appearance. The tapes not only meet DIN 30710 but also DIN 67520 and DIN 6171.

The tape is highly reflective, extremely durable and water-resistant for application externally. To help our customers we can provide the reflective tape in not only rolls (any width is possible) but also die-cut pieces to exact shape that you require. The reflective properties are created using high-quality micro glass beads. The glass beads allow the majority of light shone at the surface to reflect back at the source in a wide cone, thus allowing for increased visibility in virtually all conditions. Each roll is printed with a visible text stating DIN 30710/67520. Each roll is 100mm deep. Ideal for application on vehicles, trucks, plant equipment, road signs and many others!

Rolls are available from 15mm up to 1220mm at a length of 45.7 metres.

For more information on DIN30710 high-intensity reflective tape or to place an order, contact our sales team via live chat, phone or alter­natively fill out the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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