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Flame Retardant Anti Slip Tape Standards

Retail and Distributor Products

It is one of our major questions….. but you only need ask and you will receive copies of our flame retardant anti-slip tape standards.

One of our major requirements that we often get asked about is how flame retardant our anti-slip material is and whether it generates smoke when burnt. Standards for flame retardancy have greatly increased over the past few years. Back when we first developed our initial flame retardant certified anti-slip material (in 1997) it was only required for aircraft cockpit use, in today’s modern environment these type of tests that we need to adhere to have transcended into use in warehouses, vehicles, passenger seating areas, furniture etc. Our modifi­cations to achieve the results required include doing nothing (a lot of the plastic films that we use already contain chalk fillers as part of their consti­tu­ency), substituting plastics, adding specific flame inhibitors and even removing all plastics completely. At present, our most popular flame retardancy request is for ISO11925. For more information please contact our office and we will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

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