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Heskins Ltd at Expo Protection 2018


We are exhibiting at Expo Protection this year in Paris, France. Read a brief overview of Expo Protection right here.

We are thrilled to announce our participation in this year’s Expo Protection, an esteemed event dedicated to risk prevention and management services and products. Taking place in the captivating city of Paris, France, Expo Protection has established itself as one of the premier exhibitions in the world, attracting a staggering number of visitors and industry professionals from around the globe.

With over 20,000 attendees expected to grace the event over its three-day duration, Expo Protection serves as a hub for individuals and organisations seeking to enhance workplace safety and optimise operational processes. The exhibition boasts an impressive lineup of approximately 400 exhibitors, each showcasing their expertise and offerings in risk prevention and management. From industry-leading manufacturers to renowned service providers, Expo Protection offers a diverse range of companies for visitors to engage with and seek advice from regarding their products and services.

At Heskins, we are delighted to be among the esteemed exhibitors at Expo Protection. Our focus lies in providing comprehensive solutions to enhance workplace safety, particularly in the realm of anti-slip products. We will be showcasing our full range of anti-slip solutions, designed to mitigate the risk of accidents and create secure working environments. Additionally, we are proud to present our highly acclaimed PermaStripe and PermaRoute floor marking ranges, which have gained recognition for their exceptional quality, durability, and effectiveness in various industrial settings.

Expo Protection will be held at the prestigious venue of Porte De Versailles, Pavillon 1 in Paris, France. Mark your calendars for the 6th to the 8th of November, as these three days will offer an abundance of opportunities to discover the latest advancements in risk prevention and management. To find us amidst the exhibition, make your way to Hall 1, where our dedicated booth, stand M11, will be awaiting your visit.

For those who are planning to attend Expo Protection but have not yet registered, we urge you to take advantage of the opportunity to request your free access badge.Simply click on the link and fill out the form to secure your spot at this exceptional event. We cant wait to meet and connect with you during Expo Protection, as it presents an ideal platform to exchange ideas, explore possibilities, and foster collaborations in the field of workplace safety.

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In conclusion, Heskins is excited to be part of Expo Protection in Paris, France, and we look forward to showcasing our range of anti-slip products and floor marking solutions. Join us at Expo Protection to discover how our offerings can help you improve workplace safety and optimise your operational processes. Remember to request your free access badge and stay connected with Heskins through our social media channels. Together, let’s create a safer and more secure working environment.



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