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High Quality Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape Now Available!


As the technology for glow in the dark tape improves, it gives us more options. We are proud to announce our high-quality glow in the dark anti-slip tape…

As technology advances, it paves the way for innovative solutions that redefine safety standards. At Heskins, we take pride in staying at the forefront of such advancements, and today, at Heskins we are happy to announce our latest addition to the product range – H3452, a high-quality glow in the dark anti-slip tape that promises to revolutionise safety in various industries.

Beyond the SKU: The Fascinating World of Photoluminescent Materials

Let’s address the elephant in the room – the SKU name might not be the most exciting aspect of this product, but trust us when we say that the tape itself is nothing short of remarkable. Photoluminescent materials have been steadily gaining prominence in recent years, with a continuous progression towards achieving regulatory-approved levels of mcd/m² (millicandela per square meter).

The specific area that piqued our interest is OSH1910, which draws technical insights from ASTM 2072. ASTM 2072 lays down the parameters for acceptable luminance levels, stipulating that the luminance at 10 minutes should be 30 mcd/m² and at 60 minutes, it should stand at 4.4 mcd/m². These figures set a high bar, and meeting them requires exceptional performance.

Challenging the Norms: The Birth of H3452

Our goal was to take these rigorous regulatory requirements and tailor them to create a non-slip material that not only met the luminance standards but also offered non-abrasive properties for easy cleaning. Since the intended applications would predominantly be indoors, ease of cleaning was deemed essential. Additionally, we aimed to surpass the Coefficient of Friction (CoF) requirements established by DIN, UKSRG, and other relevant standards. It was an audacious challenge, as no other company had managed to achieve this feat.

The result of our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence is H3452 – a high-quality glow in the dark anti-slip tape that redefines industry standards. H3452 boasts luminance values that far exceed regulatory requirements, achieving 107 mcd/m² and 32 mcd/m² at 60 minutes. These photoluminescent values were independently verified by an external testing house, ensuring their accuracy and reliability, unlike some internal tests that might overstate results.

H3452 not only meets but exceeds the luminance requirements of standards such as ASTM 2072, OSHA 1910, DIN 67510 Class A, and DIN 67510 Class B. But that’s not all; its CoF performance is equally impressive. In dry conditions, H3452 scores a remarkable 102 on the Pendulum test using TRL (dry), while in wet conditions, it achieves a commendable 47 TRL – both of which far exceed the requirements for a non-abrasive tape.

Applications Abound: Where H3452 Shines

The versatility of H3452 is one of its standout features. It’s suitable to a wide range of applications and safety needs. Whether it’s illuminating escape routes during a power outage, enhancing visibility in low-light areas, or serving as an additional safety measure, H3452 excels. Its photoluminescence values are exceptional, ensuring that it performs even in the most demanding conditions.

Unlocking the Glow: Ordering H3452

The wait is over, and H3452 is now available for orders. It comes in various roll widths and die cuts to suit your specific requirements. If you have a custom specification in mind, don’t hesitate to discuss it with us. Depending on order quantity, we are confident in our ability to provide a tailored solution that fits your needs perfectly.

For more information and inquiries about H3452 high-quality glow in the dark anti-slip tape, we invite you to reach out to us through Live Chat, email, phone, or the contact form on our website. The future of safety is here, and it glows brighter than ever before. Subscribe to Heskins blog posts and newsletters to stay updated on our latest innovations and industry insights.



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