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High Quality Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape Now Available!


As the technology for glow in the dark tape improves, it gives us more options. We are proud to announce our high-quality glow in the dark anti-slip tape…

Our newest addition to our range is H3452 high-quality glow in the dark tape. I will admit that the SKU is not exciting, but the product is and I would not lie to you! Photolu­min­escent materials are becoming more and more prevalent, over the past few years, there has been a gradual progression to regulatory approved levels of mcd/m².

The area of great interest to us is OSH1910 which relies on technical information from ASTM 2072.­ ASTM 2072 stipulates that the levels of luminance at 10 minutes should be 30mcd/m² and at 60 minutes should be 4.4mcd/m², these figures are high.­ DIN 67510 is a further testing standard, with PSPA providing classi­fica­tions from A through D. We wanted to take the regulatory requirement and make it applicable for a non-slip material, we further wanted to make the tape non-abrasive so it would be easy to clean (almost all will be used internally so it should be easier to clean) and we wanted the level of Coefficient of Friction (this is how grip is measured) to exceed all DIN, UKSRG etc requ­ire­ments.­ What a challenge as no other company has managed this. The result is H3452.

H3452 high-quality glow in the dark antislip tape possesses levels of luminance far in excess of the regulatory requ­ire­ments; H3452 possesses values of 107 mcd/m² and 32 mcd/m² at 60 minutes.­ The photolu­min­escent test was performed by an independent external testing house and is not performed in-house (be very sceptical about tests performed, ask for external test data, generally companies overstate their own internal results)!­ Our luminance results exceed the following requ­ire­ments; ASTM 2072 OSHA 1910 DIN 67510, class A DIN 67510, class B For Coefficient of Friction data, for Pendulum test data the product achieved an incredible 102 using TRL (dry) and 47 TRL in wet, this is far in excess of what is required for a non-abrasive tape. H3452 has so many uses, it ticks so many boxes, the photolu­min­es­cence values are incredible and the levels are exceptional.

We are now taking orders for this spectacular product, available in rolls of various widths, and die cuts. If you have a custom specifi­cation, please discuss with us, as dependent on order quantity, we are confident we can provide a solution for you.

For more information contact us via Live Chat, email, phone or the contact us form on this very site.

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