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Keel Protection Tape


We have discovered a popular use for our PermaStripe. Keel protection is vital for certain water fairing craft, and the tougher the better. Read more…

We have discovered a popular use of our PermaStripe….. PermaStripe is ideal for use as keel protection tape on kayaks, boats and canoes as a protection strip. As PermaStripe has such an effective and tacky adhesive it rapidly adheres onto fibreglass, thermoformed ABS, metal and polyethylene.

Keel Protection Tape Application

For applying onto compound curves we recommend a heat gun to help with conformability. As our product is a solid, homogenous piece of plastic it is tough and durable, it is required to give it some assistance to allow it to confirm the curves, but once applied it will hold fast and provide protection for a long time. Our colour range is so vast, it is easy to find a colour match for your particular application. Keel protection doesn’t come any tougher! To view our colour range and sizes available and request samples ( B2B customers only ), please visit the PermaStripe website.

You can also speak to the sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

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