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Keel Protection Tape


We have discovered a popular use for our PermaStripe. Keel protection is vital for certain water fairing craft, and the tougher the better. Read more…

We have discovered a popular use of our PermaStripe….. PermaStripe is ideal for use as keel protection tape on kayaks, boats and canoes as a protection strip. As PermaStripe has such an effective and tacky adhesive it rapidly adheres onto fibreglass, thermoformed ABS, metal and polyethylene.

How do I Protect my Kayak Bottom?

Using an alcohol based cleaner, ensure the bottom of the kayak is clean and free from contaminants that could affect PermaStripes adhesive. Once dry, peel off the backing liner of your pre-cut piece of PermaStripe and apply with pressure to the bottom of your kayak, covering the keel. You can use implements such as a squeegee or seam roller to ensure the tape remains in place. We also suggest using a heat gun to ensure the PermaStripe conforms to the curves of the kayak.


Keel Protection Tape Application

When applying keel protectors to compound curves, we recommend a heat gun to help with conformability. As our product is a solid, homogenous piece of plastic, it is tough and durable. Therefore a heat gun is required to give the tape some assistance and allow it to conform to curves, but once applied it will hold fast and provide protection for a long time. Our colour range is so vast, it is easy to find a colour match for your particular application. Keel protection doesn’t come any tougher! 


What is a Keel, and What is its Purpose?

The keel of a boat is the lowest part of the boat when submerged. Keels improve the boat’s directional movements as keels can positively improve its hydrodynamics, making it more agile in the water.


What is a Keel Strip on a Boat/Kayak?

Keel protectors are pieces of material that shield the bottom of your boat from scratches and other damage caused by rocks in shallow water or when taking the boat/kayak out of the water onto dry land.

Keel strips may also provide boats with hydrodynamic properties, streamlining the boat by reducing drag. Keel protection can also act in a counterbalancing sense.


Do all Ships Have a keel?

No, modern ships have hull sections rather than the traditional keel. You will, however, find that kayaks and other small boats do still have a keel over hulls with built-in keels. Often this is due to cost. 


What are the 3 Types of a Keel?

Flat keel – found on maritime boats that frequent the ocean

Bar keel – found on single bottom hulled boats

Duct keel – often on large vessels


Custom Die Cuts and Colours are Available

To view our colour range and sizes available and request samples ( B2B customers only ), please visit the PermaStripe website.

You can also speak to the sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

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