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Let’s talk Coefficient of Friction!


Not the most exciting headline, but an important subject that does have implications for standards and international requirements. Let’s talk Coefficient of Friction!

The most prevalent non-slip standard is Pendulum, as we have discussed before. Pendulum is a dynamic test; there are also static tests. An example of a Coefficient of Friction (CoF) static test would be ISO7176. A static test measures the force required to get a test object moving across the test surface, and a dynamic test, such as a Pendulum test, measures the force required to stop a test object moving across the test surface.

Over the past two decades, a dynamic CoF test has been the most suitable method for determining slip values as people are typically moving when they slip.

Pendulum was a historic British test created by the Road Research Laboratory; it was then certified as BS7976. The standard international BS7976 was replaced by EN 13036-4. This now makes it easier to cross international borders with the same technical approval.

EN 13036-4 is, however, only one CoF standard. There are many others, including DIN51130, DIN51097 etc.

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