Light Reflectance Values in Anti Slip Tape

Heskins flagship product Safety Grip has recently been tested for its light reflectance values ( LRV ) adding another piece of vital safety information to Heskins anti slip tape. Allowing our customers to be more informed regarding its use.

What are Light Reflectance Values?

light reflectance values on anti slip tapeLRV is the percentage of visible and usable light reflected from a surface illuminated by a light source. This test is available for companies so building and design profes­si­onals can predict how light or dark colours appear. This helps then create the best combination for people, visually impaired or not, to discern the difference between features such as stairs, walls and doors. In Heskins case, LRV helps customers to choose anti-slip tape that is visually adjacent to the application surface. This is not a requirement in all cases, however. green asfety grip light reflectance valueThis test ensures some of Heskins abrasive safety products conform to BS.­8493:­2008+­A1:­2010, which applies to us in the sense of “Opaque materials, including those that cause extreme angular dependences of reflected light, and those that have a texture of <2 mm”. We had our entire colour range for Safety Grip tested. While this is not a test to determine the reflective values of colour, but instead of light and dark, different colours will get different results. This is why measuring all colours will give a true indication, helping you to choose the colour based on your needs in this regard. We have now added LRV values to the pages of all products tested, once again providing you with more information to provide the perfect anti-slip solution for your facility. For more information on LRV, you can contact the Heskins sales team by phone, live chat or fill out the contact form and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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