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Maximise Traction and Comfort with H3422 Aerated Grip Tape


Aerated grip tapes are an effective way to easy apply an abrasive non-slip material whilst ensuring that there are no air bubbles. With a conventional grip tape it is always possible that air bubbles will be visible. The air bubbles are unsightly on the finished board, they are highly noticeable, you can remove them by slightly pricking the bubbles and then pressing the film back down, this is readily done but is time consuming.

H3422 is an aerated grip tape. We produce the grip tape in the conventional manner; a self-adhesive flexible plastic film, apply a really thick flexible resin base, apply aluminium oxide (an extremely tough, diamond hard abrasive mineral), we put a further resin coat down then once produced we pass the entire material through a huge evil looking roller. The roller is completely covered with hundreds of micro punches. The punches are laid out in a regular pattern in a grid format. The punches are only extremely thin and are just big enough to create a micro hole. The holes are just big enough to allow a small quantity of air to travel through, as the H3422 is applied and pressed down, any trapped air is displaced and escapes through the holes. Once pressed down the adhesive provides a permanent application, on any skateboard or longboard the H3422 grip tape makes for an incredible looking finish, no bubbles, no ripples just a great finish.

Can You Use H3422 Grip Tape Commercially?

H3422 grip tape is often used for commercial applications. We have commercial customers who have to apply very large sections of grip tape, due to the scale of large sheets there is a greater chance of air bubbles being present, with H3422 the air bubbles dissipate through the micro holes allowing for a guaranteed 100% perfect appearance.

H3422 aerated grip tape from Heskins is not only a great choice for athletes, but it can also be used commercially in a variety of industries. Here are a few examples of how H3422 aerated grip tape can be used commercially:


If you own retail stores that sell sports equipment, H3422 aerated grip tape can be a great addition to your inventory. It provides excellent traction and comfort for skateboarders, and other athletes, making it a popular choice among customers. You can also customise the design of the grip tape with your store’s logo or branding, creating a unique and memorable product.


H3422 aerated grip tape can be used in the manufacturing of sports equipment, such as longboards. Its durable and waterproof design makes it a great choice for outdoor equipment that is exposed to harsh conditions. It can also be customised with your logo or branding, creating a consistent look across all products.

Can You Print on Aerated Grip Tape?

Our H3422 can be printed full colour on our own printing lines, we can cut to any shape and offer our full range of post-production conversation including rewinding, slitting, die cutting, printing, snap back liner etc.

H3422 aerated grip tape from Heskins is a high-quality product that provides excellent grip and comfort. Its unique aerated design makes it a great choice for those who want maximum grip. With its durability and customisability, H3422 aerated grip tape is sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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