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New Anti Slip Flooring Cutter is Almost Ready!


With anti slip flooring production demands increasing tenfold for us, it was about time we invested in a new machine to bear the load. Read more here

At Heskins we have rarely been so excited, this is new, this is different! Our anti-slip flooring sales volumes have been increasing rapidly, great news but we have not had the production capacity to meet that on certain occasions. Late 2009 we decided that we needed to purchase further machinery for our shop floor, top of the list was a new cutter. After various internal meetings and consultations with engineers, we made the decision to create something unique for us. Due to its construction, our anti-slip flooring creates unique problems for any cutter; it is tough, has diamond-hard minerals, destroys bearings and creates an almost invisible abrasive dust that creates untold damage to machinery. We decided to commission our own cutter instead of modifying existing products. After months of meetings involving colleagues, engineers and designers we have signed off the drawings, the frame is now being constructed at a local fabricator, this will be taken to an engineer for parts to be fitted with final build being completed at a specialist contractor. The new machine should be installed at Heskins around mid-October. The special features include the following; Fully automatic cassette loading system enabling 100m length rolls to be autoloaded and stacked straight from the production line without any human input A hydraulic offload system enabling a faster removal of slit materials with minimal manual handling Use of a new and innovative hardened alloy on the slitting bar Ramping up and down PLC controls Fully automated internal computer with recipes We are expecting the new cutting machine to make a large impact on production times. I hope we can contain our excitement until it is commissioned! Once installed more information on the machine should be viewable on our anti-slip flooring product page

How Can The Anti-Slip Flooring Machine Benefit You?

Our new cutting machine will not only improve productivity allowing us to adhere to more customer orders at different quantities it has also allowed us to create custom sizing! If you require a very specific tape roll size for an area, this machine will allow us to cut it down perfectly to your required length making the order perfect for you. This impressive machine is the toughest slitting method for flexible products, able to cut virtually anything, allowing us to work with some of the more complex materials. We can accommodate widths up to 1.4m and can slit down to 9mm wide (dependent on product stability and quantity size).

What Is Crush Cutting?

The machine allows for crush cutting, and essentially crush cutting means that the blades of the machine cut through the material using force. Rather than cutting straight through, they partially cut into the material. They work by combining a knife in a blade holder with a hardened anvil roll.

Want to Stay Up to Date?

Should you wish to enquire further about our anti-slip flooring cutter service, you can do so by contacting the sales team by phone or live chat. Alternatively, complete the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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