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New Floor Markers Available Now!

Retail and Distributor Products

With so many companies with various needs, large ranges of floor markers are always handy. Heskins have extended their range further. Read more here.

Did you ever dream that Heskins would produce its class-leading PermaStripe and PermaRoute range of heavy-duty aisle marking products in smaller shapes to make them even more competitive? Of course, you did! Well, that wish has come true! Many customers do not want the large format L-shapes, crosses etc but instead something larger and importantly that has a uniform width of 50mm so it does not vary from the most popular roll width dimension.

Floor Marker Shapes and Dimensions

The popular shapes and dimensions we now have available are;

  • Arrow -100mmx200mm TL1138
  • Disc – 100mm TL131
  • Line block – 50mmx120mm TL1134
  • L-shape – 100mmx100mm TL1132
  • T-shape – 100mmx150mm TL1133
  • X-shape – 150mmx150mm TL1131

We offer various warehouse markers, from pre-printed and custom signs to pallet markers. The rest of the PermaStripe and PermaRoute pallet markers and shapes can be seen here. As some work with smaller-scale items or in smaller working envi­ron­ments, large bay and aisle markers aren’t required. Giving customers the opportunity to acquire smaller, more discreet markers that still have high-visibility is an option that for us at Heskins was easy to do. As always, if the demand is high enough, then we are more than happy to provide what the customers want.

Custom Production

As always, we still offer custom production, so if there is something you require that we do not yet provide, please enquire. We are always focused on serving your needs the best way possible, and dependent on order quantity, we can create many size rolls and die-cuts within certain tolerances, and colours matching Pantone or RAL references. For more information on our custom services, you can click here. To order our new floor markers, or to enquire further, you can contact our sales team via phone, live chat, or fill out the contact us form and a member of the sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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