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The New PermaStripe® & PermaRoute Site is Now Live!


PermaStripe® & PermaRoute are Heskins range of line marking products. Our new, improved site helps you make the right choice for your line marking needs.

We’ve had a quiet new year so far….. on the social front that is, as we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes to finish the new PermaStripe & PermaRoute site off ready for launch, and that day, is today. Upon visiting the site, you are presented with a fork in the road…. You ask yourself, what path do I choose? The paths available? Only some of the greatest line marking materials you will ever know, PermaStripe and PermaRoute.

It’s almost like when Morpheus offers Neo the red or the blue pill in the Matrix, except both choices are good ones, it really just depends on your needs. Once you have chosen your path, we have put each section together to hopefully answer all those questions you have regarding either product, What? Why? Where? and How? Putting the site together this way will, we hope, help you make the correct decision and choose the right line marking for your application.

We do appreciate feedback too, so if you have any suggestions, then please get in touch with us and let us know. We built this site to help you, and if we aren’t helping you, then we aren’t doing our job correctly. We will be adding content as much as possible, so your feedback will also help us do this. Visit the PermaStripe website.

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