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Non-Slip Fabric for Commercial Resale


We feel that by offering non-slip fabric for commercial resale, we can really pass savings on to you guys. Read on about wholesale non-slip fabric inside.

Over the years, we have sold non-slip fabric in various shapes and sizes for many years. After the introduction of Tenura, which manufactures and sells non-slip fabric in more end-user sized rolls (we can supply full 1.5m x 50m rolls if required), we have decided that our non-slip fabric is going to be exclusively for commercial resale, as selling to resellers or businesses in full, wholesale rolls is much more cost-effective than cutting it down, which allows us to pass more of the savings on! We manufacture our non-slip fabric in 2 variants:

  • H4643 – A white, non-adhesive mesh
  • H4644 – An adhesive version of H4643

Our non-slip fabric has been used in various environments, as rug underlays to anti-slip, anti-static material in electrical appliance production lines. Heskins non-slip fabric construction consists of a nylon mesh which has a non-slip foam applied to it. The build of the mesh determines the finish of the material, defining its thickness, thus making non-slip fabric a more versatile material, with each finish aiding to more specific uses. The non-slip fabrics all function in a similar method, they rely on pressure or weight-bearing down onto the foam, the foam then forms around the object creating a glove type effect creating a hold. The foam does not scar surfaces and leaves no residue on surfaces. Once the pressure is lifted the foam returns to its original expanded state. The level of grip and cushioning is determined by both mesh dimension, foam thickness and foam density.

Our non-slip fabric comes in 1.371mx19.4m rolls ready for immediate dispatch via whatever method you prefer. For end-user size rolls, you can purchase them from Tenura, though we can also offer Tenura non-slip fabric in full logs.

To enquire about our non-slip fabric rolls, you can contact us by phone, email, or via the contact form on the website.

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