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Conformable Anti Slip Tape Now Available in Orange!


Conformable anti-slip tape is a great solution for applying slip prevention to an irregular surface. We recently added orange to the range, read more here.

The Conformable range has been available for a while now and it’s a very popular product in industrial envi­ron­ments. Here at Heskins we are always pushing to improve and expand our products and now Conformable is available in Orange…. yes, Orange! Conformable anti-slip tape is commonly used for applying to metal diamond tread on fire exits, walkways, access platforms etc., now the vibrant and exciting Orange has been added to the range. In dangerous areas where extremely slippy surfaces can cause potential hazards, you will have no problem spotting the Orange Conformable. This tape is very special as it contains a class O, soft aluminium foil backing which has the advantage of having zero tolerance (unlike plastic it will not be stretched, when plastic is stretched it wants to revert back to its original state so will lift from irregular surfaces), and also has no memory, therefore it can be manipulated into place] on irregular surfaces and will remain that shape without lifting.

For help applying our Conformable antislip tape, please view the tutorial video below:

Orange Conformable is available in roll widths up to 980mm and you can place orders now, so don’t miss out and contact our friendly sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the site.

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