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PermaRoute: Floor Signs and Markers


Our introduction of PermaRoute allowed us to further increase the versatility of our floor marking, and create a new range of markers and floor signs.

At Heskins, we are constantly striving to expand the versatility of our floor marking solutions. The introduction of PermaRoute has allowed us to push the boundaries even further and create a new range of markers and floor signs that cater to various industrial needs. With its unique features and flexibility, PermaRoute has opened up exciting possibilities for warehouse floor marking applications. In this blog, we will look into the benefits of PermaRoute and discuss the new range of markers and signs it has enabled us to offer.

Expanding Possibilities with PermaRoute:

Unlike our original PermaStripe, which has limitations in terms of width due to the extrusion process, PermaRoute offers greater flexibility. The wider design of PermaRoute allows us to produce bespoke warehouse floor signs using the same durable material. By leveraging the benefits of PermaRoute, we have chosen to start with the most popular warehouse marking symbols: a walking man to designate safe walking pathways and a forklift truck symbol to designate forklift areas. These symbols can be produced in any colour from our PermaRoute range. Additionally, we have plans to expand the range of shapes and symbols based on customer demand, ensuring a comprehensive selection to meet diverse warehouse marking needs.

Key Features of PermaRoute:

PermaRoute is a tough and durable warehouse marking material that offers numerous advantages for efficient and effective floor marking. Some of its key features include:

  1. Instant Application: PermaRoute allows for quick and hassle-free installation, ensuring minimal downtime during the marking process.
  2. Zero Fumes: Unlike some traditional floor marking methods that involve the use of solvents and emit strong odours, PermaRoute is solvent-free, eliminating fumes and providing a safer working environment.
  3. Solvent-Free: PermaRoute is a solvent-free solution, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability in industrial settings.
  4. Immediate Use: Once applied, PermaRoute can be used immediately, saving time and allowing operations to resume without delay.

Contact us for More Information:

For further details on our PermaRoute warehouse floor markers and signs, our dedicated sales team is available to assist you. You can reach us by phone or engage in a live chat for real-time support. Alternatively, complete the contact us form on our website.

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The introduction of PermaRoute has significantly enhanced the versatility of our floor marking solutions, allowing us to create a new range of markers and signs for warehouse applications. With its wider design, PermaRoute overcomes the limitations of extruded marking materials and offers a durable and reliable solution. The walking man and forklift truck symbols are just the beginning, as we plan to expand our range of shapes and symbols based on customer demand. Experience the benefits of PermaRoute for your warehouse floor marking needs by contacting our sales team today. Stay connected with Heskins by subscribing to our blog and newsletters for valuable updates and industry insights.



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