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Product code: H3470 & H3475

  • Tacky, rubber-like material
  • Self-adhesive
  • Free from phthalates and plasticisers
  • UV stable
  • Can be used for extensive periods in the sun
  • Roll widths from 15mm to 1220mm

TackyGrip is a rubber-like material with a slightly tacky feel, with exceptional cushioning properties that also provides an excellent coefficient of friction performance in wet or dry conditions.

From a combination of chemicals, this has produced a material free from phthalates, plasticisers and PVC’s that is also UV stable and optically clear.

It can be applied over branding or logos. As TackyGrip is optically clear, it is unobtrusive to any display of brands or logos, yet will provide slip protection.
As with all Heskins products, application to a clean and dry surface is recommended, but once down, creates an anti-slip surface suitable for standing and walking, or on a raised or handheld surface.

TackyGrip Adhesive Variants

We produce the TackyGrip in two adhesive formats; H3470 which features a slightly lower tack, clean removal adhesive and H3475 which has an aggressive non-removable adhesive applied. With the exception of the adhesive differences, all properties of the TackyGrip versions remain the same.

H3470 & H3475 TackyGrip are available in any width rolls from 15mm up to 1220mm. Roll lengths are produced at 18.3m but up to 50m is possible. Various widths and all lengths beyond and below 18.3m will be subject to minimum order quantities, so please enquire for lead times before committing to purchase.

For more information, or to place an order for TackyGrip, you can contact the sales team via phone, Live Chat or fill out the contact us form and a member of the sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

H3470 & H3475


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