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Securing Skies with Ultimate Aircraft Anti-Slip Protection

Anti-Slip Tape

Anti slip used in commercial aircraft is a regular application for Heskins, our anti slip tape is approved for both use in the cockpit area and throughout both the cabin and cargo areas. Our H3418 is the world’s only self-adhesive anti slip handrail grip material, we have full JAR 25.853 aviation fire approval for use inside the aircraft. The data sheet is available on our download suite or can be requested from our sales team.

The Importance of Anti-Slip Solutions in Aviation

Safety is paramount in aviation, and every small detail matters, including the prevention of slips and falls. The use of anti-slip tape in commercial aircraft enhances safety by providing extra grip in areas that are prone to becoming slippery. This can include the cockpit, cabin aisles, entryways, and even cargo areas. Such areas can become hazardous due to moisture, wear and tear, or during cleaning and maintenance activities. Implementing anti-slip solutions like Heskins tape and handrail grips can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, ensuring a safer environment for both the crew and passengers.

Why Heskins Stands Out in the Market

Heskins H3418 product is notable for being the world’s only self-adhesive anti-slip handrail grip material with full JAR 25.853 aviation fire approval for use inside the aircraft. This certification is crucial as it not only ensures the product’s effectiveness in preventing slips but also its compliance with strict aviation fire safety standards. The availability of a comprehensive data sheet and support from the sales team signifies Heskins commitment to transparency and customer support. This level of specialization and certification makes Heskins a preferred choice for aviation applications.

Can Heskins anti-slip products be customized to fit different areas within an aircraft?

Absolutely! Our products are designed with versatility in mind and can be cut to fit various surfaces and locations within the aircraft. Whether it’s for the cockpit, cabin aisles, entryways, or even the cargo hold, our anti-slip tape and handrail grips can be tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring optimal safety across all areas.

How do Heskins anti-slip solutions hold up against regular cleaning and maintenance activities?

Our anti-slip products are manufactured to withstand the rigors of frequent cleaning and maintenance activities typical in commercial aviation. They are resistant to water, cleaning agents, and the wear and tear of high traffic areas, maintaining their grip and effectiveness over time.

Is the installation process of Heskins anti-slip products complicated?

The installation process is straightforward and does not require specialized equipment. Our self-adhesive products can be easily applied to clean, dry surfaces. Additionally, we provide detailed installation guides and are happy to offer support through our customer service team to ensure that you can maximize the safety benefits of our products.

Types of Aircraft Benefiting from Anti-Slip Solutions

Commercial Airliners

Commercial airliners, being the backbone of air travel, transport millions of passengers each year. These aircraft have extensive foot traffic, making anti-slip solutions crucial in areas like aisles, galleys, entryways, and lavatories. Heskins products are tailored to meet the rigorous demands of commercial aviation, ensuring passenger and crew safety.

Cargo Aircraft

In cargo aircraft, where the movement of goods and personnel happens in a confined space, slips and falls are a constant risk, especially under time constraints. Anti-slip tape in cargo holds and on loading ramps can significantly reduce accident rates, making Heskins solutions invaluable for operations safety.

Private Jets

The luxury of private jets comes with a commitment to the highest safety standards. Anti-slip solutions in entryways, stairwells, and bathrooms provide an added layer of protection for high-profile passengers, blending safety with the aesthetic appeal of the aircraft’s interior.

Military Aircraft

For military applications, where every second count, the non-slip grip is critical in cockpits, cargo areas, and troop seating areas. Heskins products can withstand the harsh conditions and heavy usage typical in military operations, providing reliable performance in critical situations.

Enhancing Safety with Handrail Grip Tape in Aircraft

Handrail grip tape is a specialized solution that addresses the unique safety challenges within aircraft. Here’s how it contributes to safety:

Improved Stability and Support

In turbulent conditions or during take-off and landing, passengers and crew may rely on handrails for stability. The enhanced grip provided by Heskins handrail tape ensures that support is reliably available when needed.

Fire Safety Compliance

Given the potential hazards in aviation, materials used within aircraft must meet stringent fire safety standards. Heskins handrail grip tape is certified with JAR 25.853 aviation fire approval, ensuring it doesn’t compromise the aircraft’s overall safety profile.

Versatility Across Aircraft Types

The universal application of Heskins handrail grip tape means it can be used in various aircraft types, from commercial airliners to private jets and military transports. Its self-adhesive nature allows for easy installation on any handrail design, offering a straightforward solution to enhancing safety.

Aesthetic Integration

Safety solutions should not detract from the aircraft’s interior design. Heskins handrail grip tape is designed to be not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, seamlessly integrating with the aircraft’s design while providing essential safety features.

Incorporating anti-slip solutions, specifically handrail grip tape, significantly enhances safety across all types of aircraft. By providing extra stability and meeting rigorous safety standards, Heskins products demonstrate a commitment to aviation safety without compromising on design and functionality. Discussing these applications and benefits in your blog will highlight the importance of such safety measures in aviation, appealing to a broad audience ranging from airline operators to safety managers and passengers looking for peace of mind during their travels.


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