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Still Risk of Slips in the Summer


When the warm weather hits our shores, more people spend more time outside. This keeps up the possibility of slips. We explore the risk of slips inside…

This link is interesting for two reasons.­ Firstly, the research has been conducted by a reputable organization (the Injuries Board is the Irish government body which makes personal injury awards) that shows that most slips in public places occur in July and it goes against the perception that slips mainly occur in icy or wet condi­tions.­ Why could this be? Firstly, as a company involved in anti-slip materials for mainly industrial applications, I would caution that we are dealing with different applications and requ­ire­ments.­ I would look at anecdotal evidence: members of the public are happy to wear unsuitable footwear that would not be seen in most companies and the question is, why July? Secondly, July is the first month (in our northern hemisphere) of truly great summer weather; people will start leaving the house more, why sit inside when it is wonderful outside? They will spend more time outside, more time outside in public places thus equates to more potential for slips.­ One piece of evidence points to this, more slips occur with women. Without sounding too sexist (and I am sure my wife will criticize me), women’s footwear is generally more unstable as it often contains heels or platforms, this would back up my assessment.

How does this link help us? It certainly informs us that we should not be complacent merely due to the weather being good; it shows us that slips can occur at any time of year. Water does not need to be present for slips, water simply heightens the risk. If someone can slip on a perfectly dry surface with bright sunny visibility then it shows that all of us must take the risks of slips seriously.

Summer is a great time of year to perform assessments, start renewing existing anti-slip surfaces, install new anti-slip materials etc. You can view our range of anti-slip materials by visiting our website.

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