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Anti-Slip Tape Die Cutting Processes


For those intrigued as to how our anti-slip tape die-cutting processes work, you can find all the information in this blog post right here. Exciting, eh?

Surely my blog posts must be the most exciting in the whole world, a whole article on die-cutting? Although die cutting might appear a mundane subject to some it is something that is vitally important to many. Die-cutting is a method of changing our roll stock into individual pieces that are cut to a specific shape. A die-cut section allows almost any size or shapes to be produced ensuring that the customer suffers no waste and receives a part that is exactly perfect for their requirement. We use two die cutter types;

Flatbed die-cutting

For cutting abrasive anti-slip tapes and large format non-abrasives we use heavily modified fully automatic 30-ton presses that are web-fed. The machines are controlled by light curtains and provided with material from a master roll at the rear. Being full width, web-fed this ensures that labour costs are kept at a minimal level; the light curtain controls allow for rapid pressing, not a second of time is wasted. All our flatbed presses have the same cutting size; 900mmx1600mm. We utilise rule tooling but also have the capability to use real tooling. All the tools are laser cut and have an accuracy of 0.1mm. On request, we produce kiss-cut abrasive materials dependent on quantity and setup costs.

Rotary die-cutting

Solely for non-abrasive anti-slip materials, we produce die cuts using rotary die-cutting. Rotary die-cutting is a much faster method of producing die-cut pieces, unlike a flat process which requires an up-and-down press this uses a form of mangle, pressure cut, the rotary tool drags through the material and cuts it to shape. Rotary tools are highly precise pieces of equipment; each tool can perform multiple tasks including die cutting, kiss cutting, sheeting, slitting, butterfly/snap-backed liners etc.

We can die-cut almost all of our products, please contact us for more information and to put a bespoke package together for yourself.

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