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Approved Anti-Slip Tape for Aircraft


Heskins have produced approved anti-slip tape for aircraft. Read about where our anti-slip tapes are approved for aircraft use and the certification that comes with them.

Since 1998, Heskins have been approved and certified to supply anti-slip materials for aircraft interiors. We have anti-slip tapes approved for use inside cockpits, passenger interiors, and cargo holds. All relevant materials have been certified by FAA, and CAA approved testing labora­tories. We hold certi­fica­tion to;

  1. FAR25853 b 5 horizontal burn test.
  2. CAA/FAA specifi­cation number 8, vertical test, issue


How do you Test for Flammability?

You test the burning rate of materials in a few methods, all of which require timing and seeing the direction the flame travels, this provides information on how fast a fire would spread if this material was involved. On a plane, it’s crucial that fire doesn’t spread and that it can be easily controlled and avoid disasters like Grenfell tower. The fire spread incredibly quickly throughout the building, let alone a plane. According to reports, this was due to combustible aluminium composite cladding and external insulation that allowed the fire to spread quickly. It was likely fuelled further by an air gap provided by the stack effect (air movement in environments like chimneys and flume gas stacks).


What Tape is used in Aircrafts?

This depends on where you are placing the tape. There is some duct tape-looking tape you may have spotted on the plane wings, which is called speed tape, which Heskins don’t offer currently. We specialise in tapes for the inside of planes, such as tape for the cockpit area, kitchens, bathrooms and other areas that require anti-slip properties.

Tape for Cockpit Areas

All materials within the cockpit require a guarantee not to hold a flame. Cockpits are usually barren areas with contents being kept to a minimum, and one of the reasons for this is to ensure fire risk is virtually non-existent. For non-slip requ­ire­ments, H3406 conformable is certified for use within the cockpit, as the aluminium backing will not hold a flame.

Tape for the Rest of the Aircraft

H3401 Safety Grip is approved for use in all other areas of an aircraft. Standard Safety Grip provides exceptional slip protection in all general appli­cations, indoor and outdoor, and it is used for slip prevention on aircraft steps and within thresholds and cargo holds.


Safety Data Sheets and Certificates are Available 

At no additional cost, we can send Certificates of Conformity on request with every delivery to provide assurance that suppliers to the aviation industry have up-to-date, accurate docum­en­ta­tion. All anti-slip materials produced by Heskins are produced in either our European or US factories, both of which are approved to ISO9000.


What is the ISO 9000 Standard?

 Quality is paramount, and the organisation must implement structures to ensure staff safety and product conformity, providing customers with confidence and quality products from a brand they can trust. Having trust in a brand’s product is so important, especially if you are relying on it in a high-stakes environment such as tape on an aircraft.

For more information, you can visit the website or speak to the sales team via live chat or phone. Alter­natively, complete the contact us form, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



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