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October 15, 2018

We are exhibiting at Expo Protection this year in Paris, France. Read a brief overview of Expo Protection right here.


October 12, 2018

With constant research & development, we have grown to be where we are today. Here we discuss one of our recent prototype products, PT32 (now iGrips), rubberised anti-slip.

Retail and Distributor Products

September 25, 2018

Microprismatic tape, also known as EGP reflective tape is an exceptional marking tape for highlighting objects with a retroreflective performance up to 5 years. Available now from Heskins Ltd.


September 6, 2018

Marine anti slip tape is our first tape produced specifically for marine application. Read more info on our new white marine anti slip tape here.


August 10, 2018

We now have green coarse Safety Grip tape available for general dispatch. Read more regarding green coarse Safety Grip anti slip tape right here.


July 13, 2018

Galvanic corrosion is certainly something which isn't talked about very often, however, if your companies output is subject to it then it becomes a very important issue. Read one such…


June 19, 2018

We often don't go on about the versatility of our anti-slip protection. Not only do we manufacture custom anti-slip solutions for foot traffic, but also for objects and vehicles! Read…


June 1, 2018

Heskins provide a range of services for resellers to help them promote our products effectively. Read about the Heskins range of reseller services right here.

Retail and Distributor Products

February 26, 2018

Heskins new DIN 30710 reflective tape is a variant on the glass bead microprismatic tape we produce. Available in left and right-hand versions, this reflective tape features wide chevrons ideal…


January 29, 2018

While Heskins safety tapes will apply effectively in most temperatures, it always helps to know a little more information to ensure the most effective application. This blog post gives you…


January 5, 2018

We take a look at past and present anti-slip testing methods and discuss what the future holds for the coefficient of friction measurement in this blog.


December 21, 2017

International standards are becoming more prevalent. What does ISO7010 mean in general & for Heskins products? Read more here.

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