H3421 Glow in the Dark Safety Grip Now Available

Friday, August 11th, 2017

H3421 glow in the dark safety gripAfter the success of our H3452 & H3454 glow in the dark anti slip tapes, we could now produce the same glow in the dark material with an abrasive surface. With H3452 & H3454 being a new venture for us, and the predicted development time taking longer, we decided to focus on the production of those first. As Safety Grip was our flagship material all the way back in 1997, we knew H3421 would be easier and quicker for us to produce.

With the same glow in the dark liner as H3452, we produced H3421 using the same methods as our regular glow in the dark safety grip, with an application of S2 ( silicone carbide ) on the surface for an abrasive, anti-slip finish.

What’s the Difference?

H3421 glow in the dark safety grip day and nightThe difference between H3421 and our standard glow in the dark Safety Grip tape is that the glow in the dark material glows brighter for a much longer period of time. Suitable for application to areas that are subject to low light for extended lengths of time, or application within large facilities, or stairways. During power outs H3421 glow in the dark Safety Grip, providing long, bright glow times combined with an exceptional coefficient of friction will offer a guided, safe path to the exit every time, wherever you are.

H3421 glow in the dark Safety Grip also improves the cost effectiveness of the range. If you don’t require a glow in the dark tape that can perform to the levels this does, you can buy our standard glow in the dark Safety Grip at a reduced cost.

For more information on H3421 glow in the dark Safety Grip tape, or to place an order, please contact the sales team by phone, live chat or alternatively fill out the contact us form and a member of the sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

H3470 TackyGrip Tape Available Now!

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

tackygripSo, what is TackyGrip? As the latest addition to the Heskins product range, we naturally want to shout from the hilltops about its qualities. Beings as that’s a bit weird and only the sheep will probably hear us, it’s best we confine our ramblings to our blog.

TackyGrip is a self-adhesive, non-abrasive anti slip material produced from a composite constructed from chemicals…. And that’s as much as we are divulging to you because it’s a secret. What we can tell you is that this combination of certain chemicals has created a material is free from all phthalates, plasticisers and PVC’s and is also UV stable.

H3470 has high level cushioning performance with an excellent coefficient of friction properties that will provide exceptional grip without harming clothing or bare skin.

Working as an exceptional anti slip surface in areas exposed to the wet, it will work perfectly on surf boards as traction pads that will replace the traditional board waxes, with its appeal further aided by the fact that it is much quicker with its peel and stick application ( surface must be clean and dry ) than the aforementioned. All this without leaving residue on your hands or clothes also.

Being optically clear means that it can also be applied on top of designs without obstructing thitsand it’s UV stability means that it will never discolour or be manipulated due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

H3470 is also effective outside of the water, lending its application to anywhere that requires a cushioned anti slip surface, be it a walking, raised or handheld surface.

For more information on sizes available please visit the product page. To order H3470, you can contact us by phone, live chat or fill out the contact us form on the website and a member of the sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Heskins Present at Red Bull Cliff Diving Championship

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

red bull printed anti slip tapeRed Bull recently got in touch with us as they required an anti-slip solution for their cliff diving world series…..

“Free-falling from up to 27m combined with awe-inducing acrobatics – That’s the essence of cliff diving” is how it’s described on the Red Bull cliff diving website. And since 2009 Red Bull have been putting on these events across the globe every year for all competitors brave enough to enter, and for all spectators to enjoy.

While these are adrenaline fuelled events, the event organisers still have to coordinate these events to ensure high levels of safety as well as allowing the competitors to perform to the best of their abilities, with all the advantages that can be afforded to them.

One of these advantages, and probably the most important, is the launch area. If a cliff edge is wet, it is possibly slippery. This prevents the competitors from achieving the most optimal launch, which not only could prevent them from completing their most successful dive that they have meticulously practised, but could also cause an injury or worse.

With this in mind, Red Bull got in touch with us to produce an anti-slip surface for the launch area, that not only functions effectively but has aesthetic appeal too.

Heskins Safety Grip is one of Heskins first materials ever created, sporting an aluminium oxide coating on the surface to provide effective slip protection. This was chosen as the surface of choice, and due to the stature of the event and the brand running it, they required a surface print to help with their ever-present branding exercise.

And with that, we have created a run of our black standard Safety Grip with a bespoke print for the women’s and men’s platforms. They have so far been used in Ireland and the Azores, with plenty more stops on the way to the final event of the series this year in Lago Ranco, Chile.

For more information on the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, you can visit the website here.

If you would like to know more about our printed anti-slip surfaces, you can read about them on this blog post, or alternatively, you can contact us by phone, live chat, or complete the contact form and a member of the sales team will get back to you as soon as they can.