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New Colour Coarse Safety-Grip Now in White!


We are now manufacturing H3402W Coarse Safety-Grip in white, we had many requests over the years and we really should have done it sooner.

What is coarse anti-slip tape?

The differences between the grades are mainly determined by the grit sizes and their spread, a coarse anti-slip tape will have large pieces of abrasive mineral. Our standard grade anti-slip tape will have a medium size grit that is densely spread across the material surface, a fine grade non-slip tape will have very small abrasive particles (we predominantly use aluminium oxide but also hold bulk stock of silicon carbide and S2 for certain requirements) very densely packed and at the opposite end of the scale we have X-Coarse we uses very unusually big pieces of grit. There is also various materials in-between and for specialist applications such as Peak Grip.

What surfaces is coarse anti-slip tape suitable for?

Coarse non-slip tape is suitable for surfaces that are clean, dry and free from grease. The H3402W can be applied externally onto a porous surface but we recommend priming prior to application. H3402W is typically used for more industrial applications, it would not be suitable for hospital surfaces etc.

How long does coarse anti-slip tape last?

Coarse anti-slip tape is extremely durable due to its thick grit coating, you should expect years of use.

What is the temperature range that coarse non-slip tape can withstand?

We test the materials from -40°C to +80°C but it can survive more extreme conditions.

Why did we create H3402W coarse Safety-Grip?

Our Coarse Safety-Grip range is extremely popular, one of our most loved products. Due to the large amount of printing that we provide on our materials the question kept arising, in the summer of 2022 we decided we wanted to help our customers so did it.

Can you custom print on Coarse Safety-Grip?

It prints amazing! Due to the deep valleys and high peaks it makes it look 3D and due to the superior printing technology we use the final product is very durable for inside or outside application.

What makes Coarse Safety-Grip so special?

Coarse anti-slip tape is one of those products that has a perfect home, it is used solely in heavy duty industrial situations. It has such a deep mineral grit with high peaks that it helps to let water flow away, dirt is easily removed from it and it helps to stop snow compacting on it. A coarse material is constructed differently and feels completely different. The deep grit gives it fantastic durability, the more aluminium oxide you put down, the better the wear characteristics, the bigger the aluminium oxide granules then again, the better the wear characteristics. Coarse Safety-Grip is not suitable for every application, please bear in mind that they can abrade skin and are not suitable for hospitals or kindergartens etc.

We are happy to not only send samples, pricing and data sheets, we can also send actual printed samples so you can see how incredible H3402W coarse anti-slip tape looks. Your account manager in our sales team is always willing to help.


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