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Heskins Instructional Videos

Heskins has prepared the videos to inform and advise of best practice when installing our safety products, we strongly believe that seeing and hearing the methods is a certain way to ensuring the installer achieves an effective application.

We are pro-active in our creation of instruc­tional videos, however, if there is a video you would like us to create, please contact us to enquire. If we haven’t planned to make it already, then we will definitely consider it.

About Heskins, Who We Are and What We Offer

Welcome to the World of Heskins and our incredibly successful range of industry-leading anti-slip tapes. We pride ourselves on more than just tape and know that innovation, services and customer care are also at the forefront of our business model. Explore Heskins with our About Us video.

Heskins H3502 Edge Fix Tape Ancillary

This video demonstrates the optimal way to use the Heskins H3502 Edge Fix, including the items you need for a perfect result. The Heskins Edge Fix is essential for securing the edges of tapes and other materials, preventing lifting and ensuring long-lasting adhesion.

Heskins H3508 IPA Surface Cleaner Tape Ancillary

This video demonstrates the optimal way to use the Heskins H3508 IPA Surface Cleaner, including the items you need for a perfect result. The Heskins IPA Surface Cleaner is essential for preparing surfaces, ensuring they are clean and free from contaminants before applying tapes or other materials.

Heskins Seam Roller Tape Ancillary

This video demonstrates the optimal way to use the Heskins Seam Roller, including the items you need for a perfect result. The Heskins Seam Roller ensures proper adhesion of tapes and other materials, making it an essential tool for achieving professional results in your projects.

Different Ways To Apply Handrail Tape

The handrail grip tape is typically put on handrails to improve grip and shield hands from cold railings. With handrail grip tape, users can move up and down stairs safely and efficiently. This video demonstrates the ideal method for applying handrail grip tape along with the tools required for completion.

The Three Grades of Line Marking Tape

Heskins anti-slip tape enhances safety by improving grip and minimizing slips and falls. Standard, Coarse, and Extra Coarse Safety-Grip tapes offer varying levels of grip and benefits for different applications. H3401 Standard Safety-Grip is ideal for preventing slips in homes and light commercial settings. H3402 Coarse Safety-Grip provides a stronger grip for industrial environments. H3402_UC Extra Coarse Safety-Grip is designed for areas with mud and ice exposure.

How To Apply Anti Slip Tape to External Porous Surfaces

For external or porous surfaces, proper application of anti-slip tape requires additional steps to ensure its durability. H3506 Surface Primer prevents moisture from affecting the bond between the surface and the tape's adhesive layer. This enhances safety by reducing slip and fall incidents in homes and workplaces. Heskins anti-slip tape is versatile and provides added safety on porous surfaces with the help of Surface Primer.

How To Apply Bolt Down Plates

Heskins bolt-down anti-slip plates are perfect for areas where traditional adhesive grip tape is not suitable, such as constantly wet or uneven surfaces like wooden decking. These plates are constructed from weatherproof aluminium, guaranteeing their durability in harsh conditions. They offer a non-slip surface to ensure safety in wet or icy conditions, preventing slips and falls. Watch this video for a straightforward installation guide for Heskins bolt-down plates.

Heskins How to Apply Large Sheets of Tape, Walkways and Zebra Crossings.

Walkways and zebra crossings ensure pedestrian safety in warehouses, factories, and industrial buildings. Fire exit signs communicate safe exit routes during emergencies. Heskins' video guide demonstrates the application and usage of tape sheets, fire safety exit signs, walkways, and zebra crossings.

How to Apply Anti Slip Tape to Chequered Plates and Durbar

Conforming to irregular surfaces, our specialised non-slip tape is recommended for applying to chequered plates or Durbar. While the pattern on these surfaces provides slip protection, it can be counterproductive when wet. Heskins' Conformable non-slip tape is designed to cover and improve grip on such surfaces. Check out our instructional video for installing the tape on uneven surfaces to enhance safety.