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Heskins Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page! We know every customer is unique with different needs and concerns. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list to help address any inquiries you may have.

If your questions isn’t answered or you’d like to speak to a member fo the Heskins team, please get in touch, you can call us +44 (0) 1254 832266 or contact us via the enquiry form.

What makes Heskins tape the best on the market?

Heskins is unique in that we manufacture products at our sites across the world, we invest more in R&D for anti slip and heavy duty line marking materials than any other company, we use the thickest films, the heaviest coats of adhesive and the best finishing to provide something that not only lasts longer but feels better, our materials are thicker, heavier and more durable than any competitors.  We always provide samples free to allow any test against alternative materials as we know we always win that test!

How can I contact Heskins?

We have several ways in which you can contact us, via the contact form on our website which is here. There is also contact us buttons on each of the products which helps us easily specify what product it’s regarding and there is also further contact information on the website Heskins.

What are your opening times?

Heskins opening times are as follows:

Monday to Thursday – 8:30 -5:30

Friday – 8:30 -5:00

Weekends – Closed

Bank holidays and seasonal holidays times may differ.

Who are Heskins?

Heskins is a specialist tape manufacturer for anti-slip tape operating in the North West UK, we have grown to become the world’s foremost choice for abrasive safety tape. Read more into who we are at Heskins via our about us page. If you wanted a further insight of what Heskins is all about you can watch our Heskins YouTube video.

What makes Heskins the best tape manufacturer and supplier?

There are several reasons that put Heskins ahead of the rest. One of the main factors being we are a manufacturer that is based in the UK, this means you can buy high quality, customisable products that will arrive in a matter of days, whereas if you ordered from a manufacturer else where in the world you will be waiting weeks for your delivery to arrive. Since we are a manufacturer we also offer B2B services such as drop shipping, allowing you to sell our products without needing storage areas to store them, we will do the packaging and the shipping. This can also be done with your branding for more personalisation so when your customer receives the product they will see your branding and not Heskins making this the perfect business opportunity. This will also be done at reseller rates so the tapes prices will be reduced giving room for profit margin.

How can I stay up to date with the latest news from Heskins?

You can sign up to our newsletter for the latest industry news, information on the latest products and more important information from Heskins.

Do you offer bespoke packaging for resellers and distributors?

With Heskins being a manufacturer tape, this is something we do provide. We have a multitude of reseller and distributor services including branded tape printing, die cutting, crush cutting, sheeting and bespoke packaging.

What guarantees are there?

Heskins provide some warranty on specific products. Our PermaFamily product range has warranty, which you can read in their product descriptions.

PermaStripe | PermaSripe Smooth | PermaLean | PermaRoute

How do I get more specific product information such as technical data sheets and material data sheets?

Within our products on our product pages, we include some extra tabs, including our data sheets and other product information, such as our tech specs tabs. Alternatively, you can find our product data sheets within the download suite

Do Heskins provide product images to resellers for marketing purposes?

Heskins offer a unique download suite which allows customers to download any images as they please and market them for their company. We can also create a watermark for the photos you download to protect your images. 

Do you have a fitting service?

We do not offer a fitting service for our tapes, but we have created blogs and YouTube guides so you can easily apply your anti-slip tape!

Can Heskins provide images of the tape to help me market them as a reseller?

Heskins offer a unique download suite which allows customers to download any images as they please and market them for their company. We can also create a watermark for the photos you download to protect your images. 

How can I find more product information regarding tape?

To find more information on our tapes, we have an overview section underneath each product providing important information about the products, and here there are also several other tabs you can click into, such as colours or tech specs. Further information can also be found in our blogs and newsletters. Finally, to find out more specific information, you can always contact us via our contact form

Do you have any product demonstration videos that show how to use your products?

Heskins have created several video demonstrations for a variety of our tape applications. These are posted on our YouTube channel, and product-specific videos are under the video tabs on our product pages and the videos page in the top navigation bar of our website.

How Do I Apply Large Sheets of Tape, Walkways and Zebra Crossings?

We understand that applying larger sheets of tape can be tricky with the chances of air bubbles forming, so we have created this guide on how to apply larger sheets of tape and the various uses they can be used in. You can view this video on YouTube or the Videos page.

What are Low Energy Surfaces and Why Use Keying Agent?

Low-energy surfaces are plastic surfaces that don’t offer the best adhesion. This guide demonstrates how to apply anti-slip tape to low-energy surfaces and how effective our Keying Agent is in these situations. This how to video is available on the Videos webpage or our YouTube channel.

What’s the Difference Between the Three Grades of Line Marking Tape?

At Heskins, we supply three grades of our Safety-Grip anti-slip tape, these being H3401 Standard Safety-Grip, H3402 Coarse Safety-Grip and H3402_UC Extra Coarse Safety-Grip. These three grades all provide different values to the user. Fortunately, they all follow the same application steps, as demonstrated in our guide.  This video is available via YouTube and on the Videos page on the Heskins website.

How do I Apply Anti-Slip Tape to External Porous Surfaces?

At Heskins, we understand that applying anything onto porous surfaces can be tricky as they aren’t always even often having different textures. Luckily, we have created this guide to help you apply floor tape to these surfaces most efficiently. You will need surface primer H3505.

How do I Apply Bolt Down Plates?

Bolt down anti-slip plates are an ideal solution for applications where Safety-Grip tape alone is unsuitable, such as constantly wet, loose or uneven surfaces, like wooden decking. We will guide you on how to install these bolt down anti-slip plates efficiently. 

How do I Clean Anti-Slip Tape?

Applying anti-slip tape is one job, but maintaining it is another! You must regularly clean anti-slip tape to retain its slip-resistant properties. The non-slip properties return once clean, and the floor tape looks brand new! We have demonstrated the most effective way to clean your anti-slip tape. 

How do I Remove Anti-Slip Tape?

We know Heskins anti-slip tapes are challenging to remove, given their strong adhesive backing, but luckily for you, we have a solution! We have demonstrated the most effective way to remove our anti-slip tape. If you are looking for temporary anti-slip solution, consider removable non-slip tape.

How do I Apply Anti-Slip Tape to Chequered Plates and Durbar?

We know applying anything to an uneven surface, especially chequered and diamond plates, can be a real challenge, so we have demonstrated the most effective method to provide a non-slip solution on these difficult surfaces and anti-slip bolt down plates are the way to go.

What Are the Different Ways to Apply Handrail Grip Tape?

Handrail grip tape is applied to handrails primarily to provide grip enhancement whilst protecting hands from cold railings. This video shows you the optimal way to apply handrail grip tape, including the items you need for a perfect result. You have the flexibility to view this video on either YouTube or the Videos page.

How do I Apply Anti-Slip Tape Internally?

When applying anti-slip tape internally, we recommend the surface be clean and dry before applying our tapes. Once the surface is prepared, the steps remain the same as our guides. Once applied, the tape can be used almost instantly, minimising downtime. 

How do I Fix Anti-Slip Tape and Perma-Family Tape?

In this video, we demonstrate how to fix our tapes effectively and correctly if an issue does occur. It is very uncommon for our tape to get severely damaged due to the strong materials it’s made from, our products are made to last, but we decided to make this video on the rare occasion you might need it.

How do I Apply Glow in the Dark Tape?

In this video, we will guide you on how to apply glow in the dark tape. Our photoluminescent tapes require specific steps before the application process, so ensure you follow all steps to get the best results and a highly visible anti-slip solution.

How do I Apply Tape in and Around a Pool?

Our non-abrasive options, such as aqua safe, are perfect for wet environments and provide a skin-friendly non-slip solution. The application process follows the same steps as applying our anti-slip tape. However, ensure the surface is dry before the tape is applied. 

How to Install Anti-Slip tape on Stairs?

Applying our anti-slip tape on stairs is a common but precise application for our tape. We have created a guide you can easily follow to ensure you apply our anti-slip tape efficiently and effectively. 

Do I, a Heskins customer, need to request tracking info?

Your shipping provider should provide tracking information. This will be sent to the same email that created the order. If you have any issues finding your tracking information, please call us, and we can help get the tracking details for you.

What condition must the returned item be in?

The item must be packaged well and secure when sending a return.

Do I, a Heskins customer receive an invoice once I’ve placed an order?

Once you place an order, you will receive your invoice when your item is dispatched from our warehouse.

Can I, a Heskins Customer Return an Order?

Yes, Heskins do accept return orders under these conditions: If the tape is defected or damaged within transit or the way it has been produced, you will receive a 100% refund. If you return an order due to choosing the wrong item/colour, we accept the return, but it will be subject to 30% of restocking, which will be an additional fee.

Can I, a Heskins Customer Amend my Order?

Yes, orders can be amended if your order has yet to be dispatched. If your order has been dispatched, you must order the additional items under a new order.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Bacs & Chaps, Master Card, Sage Pay, and Credit & Debit cards. However, we do not accept cheques.

How can I place an order?

Orders are taken via our contact form on our website, or under each product, there will be a contact us button specific to the item. Alternatively, you can place an order by phone. +44 (0) 1254 832266.

What is anti slip tape?

Anti-slip tape is a simple and effective safety solution. Its surface reduces the likelihood of slips or falls, improving overall safety. It is also a quick implementation and can be used instantly once applied, helping keep the downtime to a minimum.

Which is the best tape?

Heskins have a wide variety of tape options, there is no best! However, our sales staff can guide you in the right direction for what tape best fits your requirements.

How do I choose the right tape?

Our product pages help group the types of tapes together allowing you to find it easier. If you are unsure, you can discuss your requirements with our expert sales staff, and they will point you in the right direction.

Tape Strength

Is there a tape stronger than duct tape?

Most of our tapes are stronger thank duct tape, although the uses are not the same.

How do you make tape stronger?

Heskins offer a variety of ancillaries in which can help make your tape last for an extended amount of time which you can view here. Each product has its own unique uses that help prolong the life of your tape products!

What is the strongest kind of tape?

H3402NUC X-Coarse is a unique, tough, deep industrial grip tape which has big grits, a thicker plastic and an extra heavy adhesive coating.

Grit Tape

How does grit affect tape’s properties?

With our tapes we have different tapes using different grades of grit. The lower the grit level means the thicker and more ridged the chunks of grit are, meaning it will provide a stronger non-slip solutions but will be more harmful to the skin. The majority of our tapes such as Safety-Grip comes in at a 60-grit aluminium oxide. We have a blog where we discuss in detail the different grades of anti-slip tape which you can view here.

Can Grip Tape Melt?

Although rare in environmental conditions grip tape can melt if exposed to high heat levels such as placed on an engine cover as they are all plastic based.  There are none plastic based alternative grip tapes such as Conformable types which have a soft metallic foil base instead.

Waterproof/Marine Tape

What kind of tape is waterproof, and works best in water?

We produce several tapes that are waterproof and that are effective when submerged, the most notorious being our Aqua Safe, this non abrasive tape is suitable for swimming pools, baths & showers and kitchens etc. It’s embossed surface makes it skin friendly while also providing strong non-slip properties while being submerged under water. We also have different options such as our Marine anti-slip tape.

What kind of tape is waterproof?

We have many water-resistant and waterproof options. Strictly waterproof, we offer Aqua Safe, a non-abrasive anti-slip tape that is designed to be used in swimming pools, showers, and kitchens. 

What is the strongest waterproof tape?

For waterproof non-abrasive materials the Coarse Resilient is the toughest on the market; a thick product, deep valleys and it has a high grab permanent pressure sensitive adhesive underneath to ensure durable strength.

How long will submerged tape last?

Submersion durability varies dependent on conditions, in a highly chlorinated pool it could be measured in months, in a fresh water application with something like aqua-safe you can expect long term life.

Tape Adhesion and Removal

How do you stick anti slip tape?

Heskins anti-slip tape has an adhesive backed layer which you will peel off and apply to the surface. The strong adhesion helps provide a long-term anti slip solution. We also offer additional products to help you apply tapes onto porous and low energy surfaces.

Do I need primer? If so, how long do I need to wait before application?

Our surface primer is designed to be applied to porous surfaces such as wood or concrete. We recommend using our surface primer if you are applying it to these surfaces. Before application of your tape, ensure the primer is dry to the touch.

What tape is easy to remove?

Our tapes are designed to last with the adhesive backing however we do offer an alternative which would be our removeable safety grip. This allows you to place down and remove as you please creating a temporary non-slip solution. If you need to remove any off our tapes we have created a guide on the most effective methods.

Is anti slip tape removable?

Our adhesive tapes are designed to last but if needed can also be removed in which we demonstrate in this video here. We also produce a removeable anti-slip tape which you can place and move as you please which you can view here.

Does humidity affect Heskins tape?

Humidity will not have any effect on our tape performance. However, warm settings may improve the drying time allowing for quicker application. During the application phase, the surface does need to be clean and dry.

Will Heskins tapes bond to polyurethane and other low energy plastics?

We recommend using our keying agent when applying our anti-slip tapes to low-energy surfaces. A solution designed to improve adhesion on lower energy surfaces in which you can securely apply your tape. You can follow our guide regarding applying anti-slip tape to low-energy surfaces. 

How do I apply anti-slip tape and other types of tape to concrete?

Applying our anti-slip tape to porous surfaces will require our surface primer. This is a solvent that helps improve adhesion between our tape and the surface. You can follow our guide regarding applying anti-slip tape to concrete and porous surfaces. 

Tape Ancillaries

What is the best way to remove Heskins primer and edge sealing compound?

We recommend heating the adhesive layer with a heat gun. This will loosen the adhesive up, allowing for easy removal. Use a scraper to remove any of the residue left on the surface.

How long does it take each of the tape ancillaries to dry?

Surface Primer – 15-20 Minutes

Edge Sealant – 15-20 Minutes

IPA Surface Cleaner – Almost Instantly

Keying Agent – Almost Instantly

I have an idea for a new product, how can I submit my idea?

A lot of our newer products have come from previous custom orders. When a demand comes in for a specific product or in many cases a specific colour of an existing product we will then look to go further and create it as an official product. We are also open to suggestions via our contact form!

Can you print on anti-slip tape?

We certainly can, we have a Q2 printer than can produce high quality prints on a whole range of our tapes. Please submit your request with your design/logo to [email protected].

What’s the min and max width of tape rolls Heskins can supply?

Our crush cutting machines allow sizes to go as small as 12mm up to 1168mm. Heskins has a wide range of custom options, and we will aim to meet your requirements dependant on order quantity.

What coloured tapes are there?

We have a wide variety of colours already available, which you can view under the colour tab on our products. However, we offer custom options to match any RAL/ Pantone colour that can be produced depending on the order quantity

How many types of tapes are there?

Heskins offer 8 categories of different tapes that cover a wide range of applications which you can view here. From our standard Safety-Grip to our Premium glow in the dark marking tape, Heskins cover it all!

How many types of adhesive tapes are there?

Any form of adhesive can be applied; typically most adhesive formats are acrylics, solvent acrylics, hot melts and water (aqueous) based.  Heskins only produces using modified solvent acrylics, although these adhesive formulations are more expensive, they are the best; high grab, high long term bond, great temperature resistance and does not age quickly.  Hot melt adhesives do not like cold weather, they also soon degrade.  Water based adhesives have poor performance and break down with water.  Acrylics have poor initial grab.

What is the thickest tape?

Our thickest tape we can produce would be 2mm thick which would be Heskins Thick Safety-Grip.

What is the thinnest tape?

Our thinnest non-slip material is our FlowGrip, designed to be highly flexible and easily applied to edged or rounded surfaces. Our range of Perma family marking tapes offers low profile PermaLean.

How do I choose the right tape?

Our product pages help group the types of tapes together allowing you to find it easier. If you are unsure, you can discuss your requirements with our expert sales staff, and they will point you in the right direction.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1254 832266

Email: [email protected]

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