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Non-Slip Fabric


Heskins is busy helping hauliers, paper reel manufacturers, and distributors conform to EN12195-1:2010. This deals with putting non-slip paper reels whilst being transported to reduce safety risks. The full standard…

Anti-Slip Tape


Galvanic corrosion is a challenging problem that occurs in industry. When two dissimilar metals are placed together then galvanic corrosion can happen. Even normally non-corroding metals such as aluminium can…



PeakGrip H3456 our newest self adhesive grip material. It is a special abrasive product. Designed for use on electric scooters and similar last mile transport products. It has the following…

Anti-Slip Tape


We are super proud to provide our industrial floor tape PermaRoute to Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Company in Pittsburgh, PA.When those good people contacted us, we insisted that we would…

Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape


We quite like producing unique non slip materials. As a sales person it is great to meet with a customer, open our packs and show a non slip range that…

Specialist Tapes


What You'll Need: H9910 UHB Heavy Duty Bonding TapeH3508 IPA Surface Cleaner & ClothMeasuring TapeUtility KnifeSeam Roller What is UHB Heavy Duty Bonding Tape? New UHB heavy-duty fondant tape is…

Reflective Tape


What You Will Need: Heskins H6601 Reflective TapeH3508 IPA Surface Cleaner & ClothTape MeasureUtility KnifeSqueegee 1. Prep and clean the surface Use a cloth and H3508 IPA Cleaner to clean…



April the 14th marks the 25th year Heskins has been in business. We celebrate this milestone with a 25-year timeline.



After introducing our custom printing service last year, we are happy to announce we can now offer you an improved custom printed safety tape and sign service.



Slip-protection on military vehicles is one of the many key aspects of optimal operation. Read about the anti-slip tape we offer for army transport below.

Anti-Slip Tape


Our industry-leading, lean coarse resilient non-abrasive anti-slip tape is now available in transparent. Read why we have added it in this blog post.

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