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What are the Benefits of Industrial Floor Tape?


Industrial floor tape solutions

We manufacture PermaStripe inhouse and are so very proud of it! The thickest floor industrial marking tape in the world, it comes with a unique 3 year guarantee, we cleverly produce all the connections such as angles, corners, T shapes etc to allow a customer to create their own custom designed industrial floor tape solution. We have put some images below, we want to display what customers have created previously without the need to outside contractors, one advantage of applying our industrial marking tape using your own colleagues is that it can be done incrementally. No need to close the warehouse, no need to lose days, it can be done with a spare hour, bit by bit. PermaStripe industrial floor tape is so easy to apply, look at the advantages;

  • Instantly applied
  • No need for specialist people or equipment
  • No fumes, solvent discharge or drying time, so simple
  • Area can be used immediately post application unlike paints or resins
  • The most durable industrial marking tape solution
  • 5S certified colours – dependent on MOQ we can produce to any colour, all produced by Heskins

We love to send samples, we love to share the knowledge, we love to help. As a company we do not resell (apart from the chemical ancillary materials), we do not distribute, so our knowledge is deep and specialised. Please contact us for help and to receive samples that you required.


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