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Sustainability Strides – Environmentally Conscious Tape Manufacturer


Heskins Ltd is a tape manufacturer that takes its environmental policies seriously. In recent years, we have made significant efforts to reduce synthetic packaging and transition towards more sustainable alternatives. Since 2020, we have been actively working to eliminate as much plastic in our operations as possible, aiming to minimise our impact on the environment.

One notable change we at Heskins have implemented is the removal of all previous plastic bubble wrap and filler inserts. These non-biodegradable materials, where appropriate, have been replaced with natural paper and cardboard, which are more eco-friendly and biodegradable. By making this switch, we reduced our reliance on plastic packaging, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and its harmful effects on ecosystems.

In addition to addressing filler materials, we are now focusing on replacing all plastic sealing tape with water-based paper tape. While we have attempted this change in the past, we encountered challenges in finding a product that met our requirements for strength and durability. However, Heskins remains committed to finding a suitable solution and is actively working to resolve this issue.

The transition to water-based paper tape holds immense potential for reducing the company’s carbon footprint. By opting for this environmentally friendly alternative, we aim to minimise further our reliance on traditional plastic sealing tapes, which often end up in landfills and contribute to pollution. Water-based paper tape is biodegradable, compostable and offers a sustainable option for securing packages while aligning with Heskins’ commitment to sustainability.

Heskins Ltd recognises that being environmentally conscious is an ongoing journey, and as a company, we are continually exploring new ways to improve sustainable practices. As a tape manufacturer, we understand the importance of our role in reducing plastic waste and promoting eco-friendly alternatives. By taking proactive steps to replace synthetic packaging with natural and recyclable materials, the company is demonstrating its dedication to making a positive impact on the environment.

We seek feedback from Heskins customers, partners, and suppliers to ensure our sustainability efforts align with their expectations and needs. By fostering a collaborative approach, the company can gather valuable insights and develop innovative solutions that meet both environmental and functional requirements.

We are making responsible waste management. As part of its commitment to environmental stewardship, all cardboard is taken off-site to be recycled. Recognising the importance of recycling in reducing waste and conserving resources, Heskins has implemented efficient recycling practices within our operations. By recycling cardboard materials, the company contributes to the circular economy by minimising the need for new raw materials and reducing the strain on natural resources. Heskins Ltd’s commitment to recycling extends beyond its own operations, as it actively encourages its customers and partners to adopt responsible waste management practices, fostering a collective effort towards a more sustainable future.

Heskins Ltd is committed to prioritising sustainability and minimising its environmental footprint by eliminating plastic bubble wrap and inserts in favour of natural paper and cardboard, as well as ongoing efforts to find a suitable alternative to plastic sealing tape. Heskins’ transition towards more sustainable packaging materials reduces plastic waste and contributes to a cleaner and greener future. As Heskins continues its journey towards greater sustainability, customers can trust that their tape needs will be met with an unwavering commitment to the environment.


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