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Improve Warehouse Visibility with Heskins Opaque Anti-Slip Tape


Anti-slip tape H3407 is an unusual material designed and produced for a specific visibility task. It is an anti-slip tape we have been produced for over 20 years but never mention it unless when asked, it is time we brought it out of the shadows and publicised it!

What is Opaque Anti-Slip Tape?

Opaque anti-slip tape is a required non-slip surface to prevent patterns or colours from underneath showing. A typical application would be that a manufacturer of the equipment has a dark substrate or surface, they purchase the H3401N black standard Safety-Grip from Heskins to cover the centre of the area but then want defined markings around the perimeter to highlight risks, make the area more visible etc. The black look will work well on a dark base, but, potentially, some of the dark underneath can be visible under a yellow anti-slip tape. H3407Y opaque yellow anti-slip tape is produced to the exact same colour reference as our H3401Y yellow standard Safety-Grip, and from the top, it looks and feels the same. H3407Y has a special film laminate under the main film, which acts as a visual barrier preventing colours from passing through.

What is the Purpose of Extra Opaque Anti-Slip Tape?

Opaque anti-slip tape prevents different colours being visible through an anti-slip tape, the H3407Y can even be applied onto a 100% black surface and the underneath colour would not be seen, it would block it completely and effectively.

Is Opaque Non-Slip Tape Waterproof?

Completely waterproof! At Heskins, we never use water-based (aqueous) or rubber resin adhesives. If anyone tells you they are better, then perform any adhesive test of your choosing with ours next to it, the difference will be marked. Our adhesives are industry leading modified solvent acrylics, they have the best resistance to water, temperature, environmental conditions and have superb bond performances. H3407Y is almost exclusively applied onto new, non-porous surfaces, but if applied externally onto a porous surface then the normal recommendations apply; use our H3506 Primer prior to application.

How Long Does Opaque Anti-Slip Tape Last?

For normal applications, you will get years’ worth of use. As always with any form of non-slip tape, we recommend applying it onto a surface that is clean, dry, and free from grease.

Can Opaque Non-Slip Tape be Cut to Size?

The H3407Y can be cut to any size or shape. Conventional roll lengths are 18.3m. We can produce up to 100m on request. Using our standard cutting blades we can slit any width from 19mm up to 1168mm, we can slit down to 10mm rolls with a minimum order quantity of 10 rolls. Any shape can be produced, we use rule tooling that is accurate to 0.1mm.

Is Opaque Anti-Slip Tape Available in Different Colours?

At present, we only manufacture H3407 in yellow, this is Pantone and RAL matched to our H3401Y yellow standard Safety-Grip, so the two materials are interchangeable. We can produce H3407 in any colour on request. Typically this requires around 200m² but do enquire as some colours and materials require different commitments.

H3407Y Opaque Safety-Grip tape is often used in situations where slip and fall accidents are a concern. The main reason someone might choose opaque Safety-Grip tape over other types of safety grip tape is for increased visibility or to cover a dark surface that could otherwise show through the tape’s surface. Opaque tape covers existing surfaces with anti-slip properties, like a set of stairs, to create a high-contrast yellow surface that is easily visible even in low-light conditions.

Our helpful and knowledgeable sales team are available to help you at any time. We love sending samples out, so please do enquire!


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