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PermaRoute: An Official Introduction


PermaStripe is one of our biggest sellers, but like anything, there is always room to improve, and this is where we introduce, PermaRoute…

PermaStripe continues to be a growing product range, there are so many advantages to it;

1. The material is a solid piece of 1mm PVC, the colour is homogenous, meaning the colour can never be scratched off, scrape the top of the tape and it does not matter, underneath is the same colour – fantastic durability!

2. It possesses 160mu (milliunits) of adhesive, to put that into context the total thickness of the average floor marking tape is around 30mu including the plastic film! Our adhesive holds firm and, uniquely, we coat the adhesive edge-to-edge, if a tape is going to fail, it will fail on the edge, something Permastripe will not do!

3. The edges are chamfered to prevent any edge lifting.

4. Unlike a conventional floor marking tape it can be removed if required, as it is such a solid and tough piece of plastic it will not fragment so it does allow removal.

5. Unlike paint or a resin system it can be applied whilst staff are still working, in food preparation areas or even sterile environments.

Unlike paint or resins, no fumes are given off, no fluids can escape and it can be walked on immediately after application. We did feel there was one Achilles heel, something which we thought could have been better. To create a hazard warning chevron design (red/white or black/yellow) it involved a top surface print, this print could then be removed if one was persistent enough. To prevent this we wanted to encapsulate that print under the material; PermaRoute was born. PermaRoute consists of a fantastically strong under-surface adhesive printed black/yellow or red/white plus various other colours, which is then protected by a clear plastic film laminated on the top. The result? A floor marking tape that is tough, durable and within the ethos of everything PermaStripe should be! The total thickness is 0.83mm, pretty impressive for a laminated material that still needs to be flexible and is already a popular member of our product range.

If you would like to order, enquire or receive samples, you can do so via the PermaStripe website, or simply give us a call, we would love to hear from you.

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