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PermaStripe & Its Purpose in the Cold Chain


The cold chain is a logistics process to help transport temperature-sensitive products. Read about PermaStripes purpose as cold storage tape in the cold chain here.

A cold chain refers to a logistical process to help maintain a product specified temperature from harvest/­production to the point of use. Prevalent in the food and pharma­ce­utical industries to prevent food spoiling before it can be sold and medication/­vaccines from being destroyed. Some chemical shipments also require the use of the cold chain to prevent negative reactions.

Where does PermaStripe fit into all of this?

In farms/­factories and laboratories there will be storage areas, walkways, vehicle paths which all need to be designated by cold storage tape within the cold chain to help optimise workflow and provide specific guidance in this time-sensitive logistical process. Above all else though, organisation promotes safe practices to avoid accidents and injuries or worse.

Can PermaStripe Be Applied in Cold Envi­ron­ments?

The short answer is; yes. As detailed in a previous blog post of ours relating to safety tape application tempe­ratures, there are optimal temperatures where application will be quicker in terms of achieving the required bond, Heskins safety tapes can be applied in environments with temperatures as low as -30°C! This also applies to PermaStripe. Of course, a surface is required to be as clean and dry as possible prior to application and if it was possible to raise the temperature of the surface then it would be worthwhile, as this would allow the adhesive to achieve its initial grab quicker and be able to use more quickly.

To aid the application further, Heskins H3506 primer is recommended. H3506 surface primer is a solvented liquid primer. Being solvented means that it has a much lower freezing point compared to water-based products. Its compound includes tackifiers, which are pieces of hot melt resin suspended in the solution. The solvent is constantly attacking the hot melt resins preventing them from solidifying and forming a solid-state. Once H3506 is applied to the surface, the solvent immediately “flashes off” (evaporates), allowing the hot melt resins to form a tacky base which helps self-adhesive materials bond to a surface better. H3506 primer on cold surfaces is virtually essential. It can be used sparingly as only a small amount is required to achieve the desired effect.

By applying PermaStripe as a cold storage tape in the cold chain process, you are increasing the efficiency, as well as safety, reducing the chance of temperature-sensitive products from perishing. PermaStripe is available in a wide range of colours to help organise areas and walkways by providing specific instructions and notices with simple colours. Various sizes and shapes are also available. The shapes adding to the application versatility and visual highlighting.

Visit the PermaStripe website for detailed information on PermaStripe, PermaRoute and PermaLean line marking tapes. To speak to a member of our sales team you can do so via phone or live chat. Alter­natively, complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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