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PermaStripe Smooth: Sleek Line Marking is in Town


Original PermaStripe has an embossed surface, while this is popular amongst our customers, some wanted a smooth surface. Enter PermaStripe Smooth….

PermaStripe was originally engineered by us to have a mild emboss surface, the embossed pattern gives it a slight anti-slip capability. As PermaStripe is a solid, extruded piece of plastic it can be slippy for the wider widths if wet and this is why we decided to take the safest option and create the embossed pattern. We have had customers who want a smoother upper surface for their floor marking, they may have this requirement as they want it to be easier to clean, shinier, more attractive etc. We have now created HS6901 Smooth PermaStripe. HS6901 has exactly the same high-performance values of H6901 PermaStripe; solid homogenous virgin plastic, 1mm thick, chamfered edges and 160mu of high quality modified acrylic adhesive that is coated edge-to-edge.

PermaStripe® Smooth is currently available in 50mm x 30m rolls in either white, yellow or black/yellow hazard. We can also produce certain die-cuts dependent on your requirements and order quantity. For more information on PermaStripe® Smooth, please visit the site or contact us by phone, email or the contact us page on the website.

If you would like to order, inquire or receive PermaStripe Smooth samples, you can do so via the PermaStripe website, or simply give us a call, we would love to hear from you.

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