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Reflective Tape Uses


Reflective tape is an unsung hero, always seen, but never seen. Here we detail a few uses for reflective tape.

One of the unsung heroes of safety, reflective tape is something you will be aware of, even when you’re not, and this is one of the brilliant charac­te­ristics of reflective tape… it does its job amazingly well. After reading this, you will notice it everywhere. Police, ambulance and fire services vehicles and clothing are adorned with reflective tape. These are just a couple of examples of the places where you will see it, as it will ensure that they are always seen and kept safe during their working hours, which for some could be morning, noon or night. Reflective tape has a myriad of uses, and here we detail just a small portion of its uses:

Walkways – Mark vital walkways and stairways to help guide people safely, even during times of power outages.

Ledges – Adding reflective tape to ledges will help warn people to watch their step.

Low hanging objects or structures – By marking objects and structures that could be walked into will help to reduce injuries.

Clothing – Sewing or sticking reflective tape to your clothing means you will always be seen in the evening or at night when you are outdoors. This includes your childrens’ schoolbags.

Bicycles/­Motorcycles – Not only can you increase the amount of reflective surfaces to be seen easier, but you can also incorporate it into a top quality design to apply to your bicycle or motorcycle.

Helmets – You will find reflective strips on many helmets for your bicycle or motorcycle, but increasing the amount of reflective surface area is never a bad thing. By doing this, you are ensuring that any drivers are well aware of what they are approaching.

Warehouse Machinery – Ensuring machinery such as forklifts are visible when mobile or stationary is very important, and applying reflective tape to them is a cost-effective solution to help prevent accidents and injury.

Posts and Barriers – Used to prevent access to certain areas, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be seen. If they can’t be seen, the more likely to cause accidents and injuries. By highlighting them, you can prevent accidents and damage. We stock reflective tapes in many colours, as well as hazard chevron variants for highlighting danger.

For more information, you can visit our reflective tape web page on the site. Alter­natively, you can contact us by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

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