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Choose Quality Social Distancing Floor Marking


Social distancing is enforced across the world. We see a lot of cheap materials used. Read more about why quality products for social distancing is important here.

As you can imagine a company like ours that produces marking materials is extremely busy with social distancing products. On some products, we are struggling to meet demand. Thankfully, to enable us to achieve our excellent service levels (we are always rated ‘A’ with suppliers) we hold huge amounts of finished stocks. For some items, this is being depleted at a faster rate than we can produce, but we are working hard to rectify these gaps.

Social distancing is a phrase that has suddenly entered the English language and is also suddenly making demands for product. The initial demand was for an immediate product; the quality did not matter; all that was required was that it was cheap and could be stuck down to create the appearance on the floor.

Social distancing could be with us for years. Yet, here we are, just a few weeks in and have we all noticed that in every supermarket the cheap thin tape used indoors had all its colour bleached away (not protected on the upper surface). When used outdoors, it lasted two days before it lifted, blew away or became a trip hazard? There are better solutions; why pay expensive labour fitting a cheap material then just a few days later, buying more and installing it again (after removing the old product that will also start flaking making removal difficult). This cycle will continue when buying cheap floor marking.

Heskins has a well-deserved reputation for producing quality, industrial-grade marking materials. We are unique in producing marking materials with a guarantee, and we supply the world’s most demanding companies. We can ensure that you receive a quality product that will withstand heavy foot traffic or will cope with external appli­cations.

Let’s start talking about what specific products we have for social distancing.

Internal marking products

As mentioned, we do not produce those thin marking tapes that lift and lose all colour. Our PermaStripe and PermaRoute are the products that provide extremely durable use; they are not thin (typically around ten times thicker than the failing material you see in super­markets), they are the only products on the market designed to cope with heavy use. They have an extremely aggressive permanent adhesive, and all the colours for these are either homogenous (for PermaStripe, this means the colour is not a print but is throughout the entire material) or protected under a transparent upper film (as in PermaRoute). These materials quickly highlight lines, boxes, pathways etc. We produce the angles, corners, T shapes etc to ensure that the application looks neat, professional and is longer lasting. We recommend being clever with colours. Colours such as black/yellow hazard chevrons may sound effective but imagine that you have a dark floor, the colours often simply blend in and become less visible. The best solution is a contrast, for example on light coloured floors consider something dark like black, on a dark coloured floor consider something bright like a yellow colour etc.

External applications

I have never seen so many tape failures in all my decades of being in this business as I have over the past two weeks! Cheap tape with a cheap adhesive applied onto an external surface, the longest duration I have seen for survival is two days! Let’s be serious; you need something designed to live outside. I would recommend PermaStripe or one of our Safety-Grip range.

Anti-slip Applications

Many companies are being complacent with regards to health and safety whilst applying social distancing floor marking. They are coating floors with smooth plastic films that are a slip hazard, often in environments of people wearing non-safety shoes. Our H6901 PermaStripe and H6903 PermaRoute both have an R10 slip result based on DIN51130.­ Of course, our Safety-Grip range has full non-slip properties.

Arrows & Shapes

A line is quite simply a line; it can never be anything else. With the Heskins range, you have numerous arrows, markers and shapes, you can create the paths, boxes and formats you want. Why use text when you can make it easier with visuals that work in any language.

Tough Signs

Many companies are using basic vinyl signs on floors; these will last days in many appli­cations. We are the world’s leaders in durable self-produced floor signs. Our PermaCovers are the toughest floor signs in the world, guaranteed! ColorCovers have an outer band that quickly highlight the notice. Both accept any print, even paper printed on your own office printer, simply place down under the sign. Available in A4 and A5 format.

Contact Heskins today to solve your social distancing floor marking problems. Contact our sales team by live chat or phone. Alter­natively, complete our contact us form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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