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How To Apply Glow in the Dark Tape Video

Glow in the Dark Tape

In this blog, we will guide you on how to apply glow in the dark tape. Our photoluminescent tapes require specific steps before the application process, so ensure you follow all steps to get the best results.

Here is a list of equipment you will need before we begin:

  • Brush
  • IPA Surface Cleaner
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Seam Roller
  • Edge Fix

Before we begin, ensure you have all the equipment to hand, as delays in steps could affect the end result.

Step 1 – Brush the Application Area

Before we do any of the processes, we recommend to charge your glow in the dark tape, this can be done by leaving it laid out in natural light. This allows the photons to capture the light particles and charge the “glow”. Once your tape is charged, you want to begin by sweeping the surface, removing any debris that could have an effect on the tape application.

Step 2 – Use IPA to Clean the Area Youre Applying Tape

Requires the use of gloves as some chemicals from here could be harmful to bare skin. Grab your IPA Surface Cleaner and cloth and begin to wipe down the application surface. This ensures that all potential contaminants which could cause negative effects on the adhesive layer. This step helps prolong the life of the anti-slip tape once applied.

Step 3 – Measure out the Length of Tape Required

It would be to measure the area in which you want to apply the glow in the dark tape. This measurement needs to be precise as we don’t want any products.

Step 4 – Cut Length of Tape to the Required Length

Roll the tape out to the measurement and get your scissors to cut accurately to size. Once again it is important to be accurate not to waste material or not to get enough material.

Step 5 – Peel the Backing Layer of the Anti-Slip Tape

In this step, we are ready to begin the application process, so begin peeling the tape’s backing liner. If you are applying a large amount of tape, we recommend peeling a small amount of the backing liner and slowly peeling away whilst adding pressure until it’s all applied. This will stop the tape from getting tangled and sticking together.

Step 6 – Remove Air Bubbles with Seam Roller

Begin to place the tape down, applying firm, even pressure throughout. Once applied, get your seam roller and start rolling it across the surface to flatten all the air bubbles that could have formed. This step also helps prolong the life of your tape by ensuring the adhesive layer has created a strong bond with the surface.

Step 7 – Use Edge Fix to Prevent Edge Lift

The final step would be to apply Edge Fix to the tape and apply a small even amount to each edge of the tape, as shown in the image. This step also helps prolong the life of the tape by creating a barrier between the adhesive layer and the outside, and it creates a waterproof layer that then protects the tape from getting edge lift by preventing water or any other contaminants from getting underneath.

How Does Glow in the Dark Tape Work?

UV lights, and fluorescent lights charge glow in the dark tape quickly and effectively. These light sources contain a high amount of energy, which the photoluminescent material in the tape can absorb and store.

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More Glow in the Dark Tape Information…

In the world of safety and prevention, visibility is key. Whether it’s guiding personnel during power outages, marking hazardous areas, or ensuring that emergency exits are visible, the right tools can make all the difference. Enter the innovative Glow in the Dark Hazard Anti-Slip Tape. This product combines high visibility with essential safety features to offer a comprehensive solution for both day and night.

What is Glow in the Dark Hazard Anti-Slip Tape?

Manufactured under the product code H3403D, this tape is not your ordinary marking tool. It is a specialised version of the standard anti-slip tape, enhanced with glow-in-the-dark capabilities. The base of the tape is imbued with Heskins Safety Grip, a feature that ensures stability and prevents slips, over which black chevrons are printed. These chevrons serve a dual purpose: they guide personnel in low-light conditions and act as a hazard warning in both illuminated and dark environments.

The tape is versatile, available in rolls ranging from 19mm to a substantial 1168mm, catering to various applications. Whether it’s for narrow walkways or expansive emergency exit routes, there’s a size that fits every need.

A Dual-layered Approach to Visibility

What sets this tape apart is its sophisticated afterglow performance, achieved through a two-level photoluminescent coating. The first level is the plastic liner, which stores light energy and emits a steady glow in dark conditions. The second is the flexible resin that binds the grit to the liner, infused with a glow-in-the-dark paste that enhances visibility and durability.

This ingenious design ensures that the tape prevents slips and serves as an effective warning sign. The 45° chevrons printed on its surface are designed to be visible day and night. During power outages, the chevrons contrast sharply against the glowing background, emphasising caution and guiding the way.

Safety Meets Customisation

One of the most appealing aspects of the Glow in the Dark Hazard Anti-Slip Tape is its adaptability. It can be tailored to specific needs and is available in both roll and die-cut formats. The standard roll length is 18.3m, but custom lengths ranging from 3m to 100m are possible, as well as any width. For those requiring precise shapes and sizes, die-cut custom pieces are also an option, ensuring no safety needs go unmet.

Safety is guaranteed through rigorous testing against DIN, Pendulum, and ASTM regulations, with test certificates and approvals available via the download suite.

How to Get Your Hands on This Safety Solution

For those interested in enhancing the safety and visibility of their premises, the Glow in the Dark Hazard Anti-Slip Tape is an excellent choice. Its dual functionality of preventing slips and marking hazardous areas makes it a versatile and essential tool for maintaining safety standards.

Where Can Glow in the Dark Hazard Anti-Slip Tape be Applied?

It can be applied to various surfaces where safety and visibility are a concern, including walkways, stairs, fire exits, and around machinery that could be navigated in low light. Its versatility and effectiveness suit industrial settings, commercial buildings, and public spaces.

What Sizes and Customisation Options are Available for Glow in the Dark Hazard Anti-Slip Tape?

The tape is available in rolls from 19mm to 1168mm wide, with standard roll lengths of 18.3m. Custom roll lengths from 3m up to 100m and any roll width are possible. Die-cut custom pieces are also available in any size for specific application needs. Customisation allows for precise application in various environments.

Glow in the Dark Hazard Anti-Slip Tapes innovative design, combined with customisable options, makes it a must-have for any facility serious about safety and preparedness. The Heskins sales team is ready to assist you can reach them via phone, Live Chat, or the contact form on their website.


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