Green Coarse Safety Grip Anti Slip Tape

green coarse safety grip tapeCoarse Safety Grip is designed for user in areas with looser surfaces such as mud and dust. Also suitable for outdoor areas during winter, the larger aluminium oxide grit granules provide deeper valleys and higher peaks which prevents the aforem­en­tioned minerals clogging the surfaces, thus providing slip protection in harsher envi­ron­ments.

Normally, we produce and supply coarse Safety Grip in a specific colour range of black, yellow and black/yellow hazard. We have recently produced a custom run in green and have ended up with an excess of stock which we would like to offer to our customers.

Green coarse Safety Grip tape supplies are limited. We can supply 18.3 metre length rolls in sizes between 15mm and 1168mm and 50 metre length rolls in sizes ranging from 25mm up to 1168mm. Die cuts are also available in various shapes.

If you wish to enquire as to quantity availability and lead times you can do so by calling our sales team by phone or speaking to them via Live Chat on the website. Alter­natively you can submit an enquiry through our contact us form and a member of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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