Adhesive Technology to Combat Low Surface Energy

Heskins H3510 Keying Agent I have discussed in a previous post on adhesive technology, low energy surfaces and the problems that they create for any self-adhesive product. A low surface energy is quite simply one in which it prevents a liquid from sufficiently wetting out and achieving a bond, the simplest example is a car being cleaned. Clean a car and water will run off conven­ti­onally, wax the car then see the difference; the water will form globules that rest on the paintwork. The globules form as the water cannot ‘wet out’ and gain purchase. All self-adhe­sives have a liquid base, they need to wet out to gain grip. There are many different types of low energy surfaces (LSE) but the most common are polyp­ro­pylene and poly­et­hylene. There are solutions to adhering onto an LSE, but for the most difficult, our H3510 is the ultimate solution. H3510 comes in a very small bottle, only a small amount is required, the fluid effectively changes the surface energy level allowing for a normal product to be adhered onto the substrate. For more information, or to order, please contact us via phone, email, Live Chat or the contact us page on the site