Anti Slip Bolt Down Plates!

In our location the poor winter weather is setting in; so far this season we've experienced enough rain to keep Noah happy.  In conditions such as these we receive more enquiries about anti slip materials than at any other point of the year, customers slip in shops, workers slide down factory steps and office staff lose footings on fire exits.  Wet conditions merely exaggerate poor surface grip levels, even in moderately wet conditions levels of coefficient of friction are reduced (please do not believe any of those too-good-to-be-true stories of 'increased grip in wet condi­tions'), in water sodden areas with no anti slip solution hydroplaning can occur resulting in potentially lethal results.  Unfor­tunately, here comes the problem, some of the most lethal slippery surfaces are often the most difficult to solve in these weather conditions; think of saturated timber, flaking concrete etc.  There is a solution however! Let us take the example of the saturated timber; it is the most common example and one worth focusing on.  As most of our materials are self adhesive they require a stable substrate to ensure a long term bond, our primer, though extremely effective can only seal a dry surface and prevent it becoming non-porous, it cannot dry out sodden timber.  The Heskins anti slip bolt down plates are perfect.­  One simply screws them into place, due to their mechanical fixing they can be applied onto even the most unstable surface; sodden timber, flaking concrete, saturated concrete etc.  Manuf­ac­tured from 1.6mm weatherproof aluminium they can cope with even the most difficult envi­ron­mental conditions.  Our most common sizes are as follows; 115mmx635mm 115mm-635mm-coarse-bolt-dow1 L-shaped, 120mm deep, 45mm lip depth and 635mm wide lshapedblackwm Each bolt down plate comes countersunk for easy screwing or bolting into position (6 countersunk holes on the 115mmx635mm and 8 on the 120mmx45mmx635mm).­  On request we supply wood screws free of charge. The anti slip bolt down plates can be coated with any of our non slip products so the customer can choose any colour such as photolu­min­escent, hazard warning chevrons etc. If using on ocean going boats or on substrates adjacent to sea water please contact us, due to galvanic reaction the aluminium can corrode in these conditions, instead we offer the bolt down plates in stainless steel. 4WF6NESAJ3QW

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