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Anti-Slip Floor Arrows for Social Distance Guidance

Retail and Distributor Products

To help with social distancing guidance, we have produced large, highly visible green, anti-slip floor arrow markers, ideal for creating easy to navigate one-way systems in warehouses, super­markets, factories etc.

Heskins anti-slip floor arrows are produced from our H3408V green, resilient non-abrasive anti-slip tape, which has high coefficient figures of 42 wet for Pendulum and DIN51130 approval.

Amid the ongoing global scenario, maintaining social distancing guidelines has never been more critical. To help facilitate this, we, at Heskins, have produced substantial, exceedingly visible green anti-slip floor arrow markers. These markers are designed to be the ideal solution to easily navigate one-way systems in environments such as warehouses, supermarkets, factories, and the like. These one-way systems can significantly streamline foot traffic and make adherence to social distancing measures far more manageable.

Our large, anti-slip arrows are incredibly versatile, with designs catering to a variety of directions, whether it be pointing left, right, or forward. We’re sure you may be wondering, “Why go for anti-slip floor arrows? Why not use simple, regular floor markers?”

Well, here’s your answer.

The materials we use to produce these arrows are not just ordinary tapes. Heskins anti-slip floor arrows are produced from our H3408V green, resilient non-abrasive anti-slip tape. This special tape has impressive coefficient figures of 42 wet for Pendulum and is DIN51130 approved, an industry standard for slip resistance. But what does this mean for you?

It means that these floor arrows not only guide but also safeguard your customers and staff. They offer a higher level of slip resistance, thereby enhancing safety and reducing the risk of unfortunate incidents. We know that the immediate reaction to the crisis at hand might have resulted in the rapid implementation of floor markings, but we also acknowledge the repercussions that these can have.

Social distancing, while absolutely necessary, had to be implemented quickly, leading to many instances of floor markings being hastily installed. Regrettably, most of these hastily laid floor markings are in violation of health and safety recommendations. What happens when they are exposed to water or liquids? Well, ironically, they become a significant slip risk. This is a hazard we have carefully avoided with our product design.

Our commitment to safety and quality ensures that the solutions we provide not only function effectively but are also durable and do not pose additional hazards. We aim to minimise risks rather than inadvertently creating new ones. You might ask, “What makes Heskins anti-slip floor arrows different from other products on the market?”

The answer lies in our commitment to our customers. By choosing our products, you are choosing quality, durability, and safety. Our anti-slip floor arrows are specifically designed to withstand regular wear and tear and exposure to liquids, ensuring they maintain their quality and efficiency over time. You are not merely purchasing a product; you are investing in a solution that safeguards both your customers and your staff while ensuring that social distancing guidelines are clearly marked and easy to follow.

So, are you ready to upgrade your space with Heskins anti-slip floor arrows and ensure that your environment is safer and more orderly? Don’t sacrifice safety in the rush to implement social distancing guidelines. Choose a solution that works, lasts, and safeguards.

For more detailed information on why choosing quality social distance marking makes a difference, feel free to explore our other blog posts on the subject. Our focus is on providing the information and tools you need to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in your space.

Remember, it’s not just about guiding people; it’s about doing so safely. Don’t leave things to chance. Choose Heskins for quality, safety, and peace of mind.

To order anti-slip floor arrows, or to request more information or samples, please speak to our sales team via phone or live chat. Alter­natively, complete the contact us form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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