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Anti-slip tape used as a dramatic walkway in Sheffield


Internationally renowned interior designer, Linda Florence, recently used our anti-slip tape for a rather interesting design for a walkway in Sheffield….

Heskins is thrilled to announce its association with the internationally renowned interior designer, Linda Florence. Linda recently showcased our anti-slip tape in a fascinating project that involved designing a walkway in Sheffield, England.

Located in the Millennium Galleries at Arundel Gate, Sheffield, this unique design project captivated visitors with its creativity and innovation. Known as the UK’s steel city, Sheffield has a rich history in tableware manufacturing and is celebrated worldwide for its craftsmanship. Linda drew inspiration from the metalwork collection at the Sheffield Museum, using our anti-slip tape to create oversized cutlery shapes that added a touch of whimsy and functionality to the walkway.

The enormous shapes, meticulously crafted from our black standard safety grip tape, were a visual delight. The anti-slip properties of the tape ensured safety, while the bold and eye-catching designs added an element of intrigue. The project beautifully merged the historic essence of Sheffield’s cutlery industry with contemporary design, allowing visitors to explore the walkway with their feet, literally stepping into a world of artistic expression.

The scale of the project was immense, as evident from the photos. It required a substantial amount of anti-slip tape to bring Linda’s vision to life. The traction tape not only provided a tactile experience but also served as a visual element that enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal of the walkway. The success of this project marks an exciting milestone for Heskins, as we venture into the world of design collaborations and continue to push the boundaries of what our anti-slip tape can achieve.

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For more information about Linda Florence and her remarkable work, we encourage you to visit her website at Her talent and creativity have left an indelible mark on our anti-slip tape project, and we are honored to have collaborated with such a visionary designer.

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