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Anti-slip tape used as a dramatic walkway in Sheffield


Internationally renowned interior designer, Linda Florence, recently used our anti-slip tape for a rather interesting design for a walkway in Sheffield….

Heskins is proud to be associated with the internationally renowned interior designer, Linda Florence. From our material Linda Florence huge cutlery shapes using our anti-slip tape for the Millennium Galleries, Arundel Gate, Sheffield, England. Sheffield is the UK’s steel city and is famous throughout the World for its tableware. The anti-slip tape shapes were inspired by designs in the Sheffield Museum metalwork collection. The enormous shapes were cut from master rolls of our black standard safety grip, please visit our products page. Regimented lines of historic cutlery evolve and progressively fuse together to create a pattern of cutlery hybrids, which visitors can explore with their feet.

Project Scale

The amount of anti-slip tape required was huge; if one looks at the photos the scale is evident! The traction tape provided a very tactile and visual material for this application. This is our first blog; we are now no longer blog virgins! We will constantly keep it fresh with relevant and interesting content; we aim to fill the blogs with product information, applications and projects. Please bookmark this page, we aim to inform!

For more information on the extremely talented lady that is Linda Florence please visit her website on

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