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Anti Slip Tape Roll Lengths


In this blog post, we discuss anti-slip tape roll lengths. Surprisingly enough it is something we get asked about a lot and decided to write about it.

Our conventional anti-slip tape roll length is 18.3m, a strange metric length. 18.3m goes back to when ‘Imperial’ lengths were more normal and is the equivalent of 60 foot. The foot measurement is still prevalent at our US sister company Heskins LLC. For us in Europe when commu­nicating with our American colleagues we have to rapidly mentally switch from mm, cm and metre to inches, feet and yards in an instant! Although 18.3m is our most common sales length we also produce many other options, almost any length. Short lengths rolls such as 3m, 5m and 10m are typically for retail sales. These lengths are ideal for putting onto shelves and are an attractive sales proposition. The shorter length means that the product is lighter so does not create hanging issues. Long lengths such as 50m and 100m are normally used for production requirements but there is also a requirement to have an exact specified length to accommodate requ­ire­ments. All lengths are possible, please ask as we are happy to discuss what is perfect for your company.

Measurement Trivia

On a side note talking about the foot length, just a bit of trivia! I looked up how it was determined what an exact ‘foot’ length was, how could they be certain in old times, well, I found the answer! Jacob Koebel in the 16th century determined that on a Sunday at church the first 16 men who left the church were to stand in a row with their left feet touching end to end. The total length is divided by 16 and that is the correct distance for a foot so now you know that 60 of them average foot lengths make up one of our rolls!

Where Do You Put Anti-Slip Tape?

Anti-slip tape is one of the most versatile non-slip solutions on the market and can be applied wherever you like! Our anti-slip tape is designed to help reduce the chance of any slips or falls, preventing injuries. It’s mainly used within the workplace, such as warehouses, factories or even office complexes, to ensure personnel safety. They are perfect for stairs or walkways to provide that additional safety.

What Different Size Tape Can Be Used For Different Purposes?

At Heskins, we manufacture several roll lengths for all our anti-slip tapes, and different sizes can be used for various applications to ensure it’s perfect for you. For the likes of 25mm rolls, this thin roll can be used to create a non-slip surface in several lines to help appear to the aesthetic of the area, this can also be used for skirting boards to create guidelines or walkways.

Our 50mm is the most purchased roll length and is seen more on stairs and steps for vehicles. This roll size can be used for many applications.

75mm is an in-between size to help an area where 50mm isn’t enough, but 100mm is too much an example of this could be on warehouse equipment such as forklift trucks.

Our 100mm rolls are mainly used for construction equipment such as diggers to provide a large non-slip surface when stepping in or out.

Finally, our 150mm rolls are specifically used for personnel walkways in warehouses or factories, providing a large non-slip surface area.

You can enquire about bespoke anti-slip tape and floor marking lengths by contacting the sales team via phone, live chat or by filling out the contact us form on the website.

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