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Anti Slip Tape Application to Prevent Illegal Fly Posting


One of our customers got in touch, after getting fed up of people illegally fly posting on his property. Read on how Heskins helped to reduce fly posting.

At Heskins, when someone asks us how many applications our products lend themselves to, our usual response is, “How long is a piece of string?” This phrase reflects the limitless potential of our products, as someone, somewhere is always finding new and innovative ways to utilise them. In this blog post, we’ll share an intriguing story of how Heskins played a role in addressing a persistent issue – illegal fly posting.

Understanding Fly Posting

Fly posting is a guerrilla marketing tactic that involves placing posters and flyers on walls, windows, and various other surfaces in urban areas. The legality of fly posting varies depending on the location and local regulations. However, for many property owners, it is perceived as vandalism and can be a costly eyesore to clean up. When fly posters target a property, the result can be frustrating, not to mention the potential for property damage and visual pollution.

A Creative Solution Emerges

One of our customers recently reached out to us, sharing their frustration with the ongoing issue of illegal fly posting on their property. Determined to find a solution, they embarked on an inventive journey, leading to an unexpected application of our anti-slip tape as a potential deterrent for illegal fly posting.

The solution they devised was remarkably simple yet highly effective. They decided to apply Heskins standard Safety Grip tape to all the flat surfaces of their waste disposal bins. This strategic move aimed to prevent posters from sticking effectively when they were pasted on the bins. The textured surface of the Safety Grip tape disrupted the adhesion of posters, making it nearly impossible for them to bond securely.

Balancing Practicality and Aesthetics

Some might argue that attaching tape to the bins could be seen as counterproductive, potentially defeating the purpose of maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, when weighed against the alternative – bins covered in unsightly posters – it’s clear that this innovative approach is a vast improvement. While the tape may experience wear and tear over time, it’s a small price to pay compared to the ongoing damage caused by illegal fly posting.

Custom Solutions from Heskins

Heskins understands that every application may have unique requirements. That’s why we offer a range of solutions, including custom die cuts of all variants of our anti-slip tape tailored to specific purposes. Our inventory includes many pre-cut options that require minimal adaptation for application. For those seeking a more personalised approach, we can provide bespoke die cuts based on order quantity and specific needs.

Connect with Us

If you’re interested in learning more about our anti-slip tape solutions for deterring illegal fly posting or wish to place an order, our dedicated sales team is ready to assist you. Reach out to Heskins through multiple channels, including phone, live chat, or the Contact Us form on our website. Our knowledgeable sales team members are committed to promptly addressing your inquiries and providing the information you need to take action.

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In conclusion, Heskins’ commitment to providing solutions knows no bounds. We embrace opportunities to tackle unique challenges and discover innovative ways to enhance safety and aesthetics. The story of using anti-slip tape to deter illegal fly posting exemplifies the creative problem-solving spirit that defines our company. Thank you for considering Heskins as your partner in creating safer, more attractive environments.



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