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Anti Slip Walkway System


How about a product that will not only save installation time but looks really good, is instantly applied & provide an anti-slip surface?…

How about a product that will not only save installation time, looks really good, is instantly applied, yet, will also provide an effective non-slip surface? Excited? I thought so. I’m sure all of us have seen the painted walkways in factories and walkways, they designate where pedestrians should walk to ensure safe passage where forklifts or machinery operate. Typically they are a painted green base with painted yellow walking men at regular intervals to help display where is safe to move. To create the walkway a contractor will close off the area, mask off ready for painting, then paint the green base, wait for the paint to dry, then, paint the yellow walking men using a carefully applied stencil, wait for the yellow paint to dry, remove the masking tape and eventually reopen the area for use. As one can imagine the time taken, the inconvenience of having a section of the warehouse closed and the contractor cost can be a problem. Heskins has a solution.

Our anti-slip walkway system is an all-encompassing ready prepared safe walkway. Rolls are either 1mx5m or 1mx10m. Each roll has a green base with 2 yellow walking men set at regular intervals, coated with a safety-grip grip tape top to provide industry-leading levels of grip, every roll is self-adhesive. Each roll can be applied in minutes saving time, cost and inconvenience. We offer the ability to have the rolls in blue/white instead of the regular green/yellow. We really think the Heskins anti-slip walkway system is unique and possesses so many advantages, and the price is competitive. For more information on our anti-slip walkway system, please call or email us.

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