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Arsene Wenger slip shows how important floor safety really is


The Arsenal manager recently had quite a nasty slip and fall at Liverpool Lime St. Incidents such as this highlight how important floor safety is….

Floor safety is a topic that cannot be stressed enough, and incidents such as the recent slip and fall of the Arsenal manager at Liverpool Lime St highlight the importance of having safe surfaces. As a self-proclaimed floor safety addict, I actively search for newspaper articles that shed light on the significance of maintaining secure flooring. The unfortunate incident involving the Arsenal manager serves as a vivid reminder of the dangers that can arise from inadequate floor safety measures.

When we examine the photos of Liverpool Lime St station, it comes as no surprise that such an accident occurred. The station boasts attractive yet glossy tiles, which on their own can pose a risk. However, what exacerbates the situation is the absence of mats or proper flooring treatments to mitigate the presence of surface water that inevitably gets tracked in on the soles of shoes. A smooth surface combined with water is a lethal combination, and I do mean lethal. It is imperative that managers and specifiers at major areas like railway stations take these risks seriously.

In modern times, legislation requires the management of such risks, but is that enough? To the managers at Liverpool Lime St station, managing the risk may simply mean placing yellow warning triangles and signs that alert passengers to the slippery floor. Unfortunately, the assistance provided by these warnings is often insufficient and inadequate.

So, what can be done to address the safety concerns at Liverpool Lime St station? Firstly, the installation of barrier matting near the entrances would significantly reduce the amount of water brought in on the soles of shoes. By capturing and containing moisture, the risk of slippery surfaces can be greatly minimised.

Additionally, applying a non-slip coating to the tiles would be a prudent solution. Heskins clear safety-grip product is an ideal choice for this purpose. Coating the first 10 meters of the tiles with this non-slip solution would specifically target the most dangerous area and effectively reduce the associated risks.

It is crucial for railway stations, as well as other public spaces, to prioritise floor safety. The implementation of proper preventative measures not only protects individuals from potential accidents but also demonstrates a commitment to their well-being. In an era where safety regulations and standards exist to safeguard the public, it is disheartening to see instances where basic safety measures are neglected or inadequately addressed.

As floor safety advocates, we urge managers and decision-makers at public areas to proactively assess and mitigate risks associated with slippery surfaces. Preventative measures such as barrier matting and non-slip coatings can make a significant difference in reducing accidents and ensuring the safety of all users. It is essential that these measures go beyond mere compliance with regulations and prioritise the well-being of individuals who frequent these spaces.

The incident involving the Arsenal manager serves as a reminder to us all of the potential dangers that can arise from slippery floors. Let us take this opportunity to raise awareness, promote floor safety, and encourage responsible practices that prioritise the welfare of everyone who steps foot in public areas.

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Let us work together to create safer environments and prevent accidents caused by slippery surfaces. Together, we can make a difference and prioritise the well-being of individuals in every public space.



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