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BMX Start Ramp Kits now available


With the proven success of our anti-slip BMX start ramp kits, we have decided to produce kits for immediate resale.

After the success of our BMX start ramp kits used at various events such as London 2012 and Baku 2015, we are now producing them for wholesale. Heskins Safety Grip is perfect for start ramps at BMX events, as it provides great traction from the start, allowing riders to achieve the best launch possible in the race for first place.

Heskins Safety Grip will provide excellent traction in all race-suitable weather. Our previous one-off kits, made for the London 2012 Olympics and the Baku European Champi­on­ships earlier in 2015, showcased the grip quality and durability of our material, with it surviving each and every round, and still performing in the last event as well as it did in the first.

With Heskins Safety Grip in pre-cut packs, we can create the perfect anti-slip BMX start ramp kit for your needs. We have a range of standard off the shelf kit designs, complete with start gate numbers printed on to the material, that can be dispatched within 10 days of order placement.

All designs can be altered, or new designs created to accommodate event logos and information, but please expect these to take a little longer for production. We can print onto our Safety Grip up to a size of 10mx10m, so please speak to us if you require anything beyond this, as we can most likely create a solution for you.

We take any artwork format and re-draw or re-scale if required, then print onto any colour Safety Grip available in high-definition to any Pantone or RAL colour references. Quality control measures are maintained throughout the whole process to ensure the best possible finish is achieved. You will receive a complete BMX start ramp kit that can be easily applied onto a clean, dry surface immediately and is ready as soon as it is applied.

Riders can benefit from a non-slip BMX start ramp in a number of ways, including:

Improved Safety: By giving the rider more traction and stability as they begin their race, non-slip BMX start ramps can help avoid accidents and injuries.

Better Performance: Riders can gain better grip and control on non-slip surfaces, which enables a more reliable and stable start, which may result in better performance during their ride.

Increased Confidence: Using a non-slip BMX start ramp can make riders feel more secure and confident, enabling them to focus on their ride without worrying about slipping or losing control.

Long Lifespan: Non-slip BMX start ramps are frequently made of strong materials that can endure the wear and tear of regular use, resulting in a longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs.

Accessibility: By providing a safer and more stable starting place for new riders to learn and develop their abilities, a non-slip BMX start ramp can make the sport more accessible to riders of all skill levels.  

Contact Heskins today to acquire a complete anti-slip start ramp solution for your BMX event that gives you traction from the start. To place an order, or enquire further, contact us by phone, email or Live Chat. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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