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Branded Custom Retail Packaging for Safety Tapes


Heskins offer branded custom packaging for retail. If you are a retailer, read about how we can help with your custom retail packaging for safety tape here.

We offer our customers various custom services, whether they are retailers or commercial level end-users. This gives us a competitive edge to a point where we are virtually providing each customer with a tailor-made service for them.

Focusing on retailers for the minute, we would like to discuss branded, custom retail packaging. Many of our customers use their own packaging/­brand for retail, so with this, we began offering Heskins safety tapes, sleeved in your own brand, either arriving with you or drop-shipped to their destination ready for retail.

Is offering products in your own brand a new venture for you? No problem, we are happy to help you begin this journey. We can offer retail pack designs, using our experience working with you to produce your custom packaging for retail. Want us to create what you already use? No problem, we can accommodate. Looking for a refresh? No problem, as with new packaging, we can work with you to create a retail sleeve that realises your vision. For all the above we can offer our own barcodes to ease the process of getting products ready for retail.

Retail Applications

Heskins is an integral part of many retail operations. Our entire safety tape range is ideally suited for retail appli­cations, we can ensure that you can create unique custom packaging for retail with everything arranged by Heskins offering full concept to realisation.

Step 1: Product Selection or Custom Product Creation

As the manufacturer our knowledge is deep. We can ensure that your team gain the insights required to make it a profitable product launch.­ We help to advise which products work best in which markets and appli­cations.­ If you want a unique product creating, we can achieve this.­ All of this knowledge and expertise is provided to you at no additional cost.

Step 2: Packaging Design

We can provide master blank templates of various existing packaging designs that we know work successfully in retail operations, these can then be changed as the customer wishes.­ We can put you in contact with the various different manuf­ac­turers of custom retail packaging suitable for our materials to help speed up the process.

Step 3: Product Information

To make the process smooth we can provide you various things such as application pictograms (allowing simple correct application without reading or translating text), barcodes and any information a customer may want for regulatory standards etc.

Step 4: Product Design

If you want a certain roll size we can make it happen. If you want kiss-cut pieces, so many per sheet, we can make it happen.

Step 5: Production and Packaging

We can provide all of this inhouse.­ We make all materials in our ISO:9000 approved facilities, all will be packaged inhouse and we conform to your requirements concerning pallet dimensions, outer dimensions etc.

Step 6: Dispatch and EDI

We can link our EDI systems to make the purchasing process seamless. We can deliver to your or your customer’s demands allowing for booking in processes, EDI integration etc.

With this comes minimum order quantities, but we do try to be as accom­modating as possible. Should you wish to take advantage of our custom retail packaging services, and we encourage you to, then please speak to us now via phone or live chat. Alter­natively, complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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