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Camouflage Anti Slip Tape; For the UK?


Our sister company in the US now has camouflage anti-slip tape, & we want to know if our customers in the UK and Europe would like to get their hands on it.

We’re excited to share some news from our sister company,, based in the United States. Today marks the launch of their innovative camouflage anti-slip tape, and we’re curious to know if our customers in the UK and Europe would like to get their hands on this unique offering.

Why Camouflage Anti-Slip Tape?

You might wonder why camouflage anti-slip tape is even a thing. Well, the answer lies in its versatility and aesthetics. In the US, there has been a considerable demand for this particular tape, and it’s not surprising. Camouflage patterns are not only visually appealing but also serve a practical purpose in specific settings.

Where Does Camouflage Anti-Slip Tape Shine?

The applications for camouflage anti-slip tape are diverse. In the US, it has been incredibly popular for a range of uses, including:

  1. Shooting Ranges: Camouflage patterns blend seamlessly into shooting range environments, providing both anti-slip functionality and an authentic look.
  2. Hunting Grounds: Whether it’s for tree stands, hunting blinds, or equipment, camouflage anti-slip tape can enhance safety and aesthetics in hunting settings.
  3. Gun Grips: Achieve a superior grip on firearms with this tape, ensuring better control and safety.
  4. Trailers and Trucks: Camouflage patterns can be a stylish addition to trailers and trucks, offering both anti-slip properties and a unique appearance.

Considering the UK and Europe

While we initially didn’t plan to sell camouflage anti-slip tape in the UK and Europe, we understand that there may be interest in this distinctive product on this side of the Atlantic. We’ve decided to gauge your interest before making it available. Without having to make complicated changes to our website, we wanted to put the idea out there and see if anyone would like to get their hands on this unique tape.

What Makes Camouflage Anti-Slip Tape Cool?

If you’re wondering what sets camouflage anti-slip tape apart, it’s all about the cool factor. Aside from some of the non-abrasive anti-slip tape and glow-in-the-dark options we already manufacture, this is probably one of the coolest products we’ve seen in a while. The patterns not only enhance grip and safety but also add a touch of style to various applications.

Your Opinion Matters

We genuinely value your input, and that’s why we’re reaching out to you. Would you be interested in having access to camouflage anti-slip tape for your projects or personal use? Your feedback matters to us, and it can help shape the direction we take with this product.

Get in Touch

If the idea of having camouflage anti-slip tape in the UK and Europe appeals to you, please let us know! You can reach out to Heskins via email, phone, or through our contact form. Your expressions of interest will play a significant role in our decision-making process.

Stay Informed

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In conclusion, camouflage anti-slip tape is making waves in the US for its combination of functionality and style. We’re considering bringing this innovative product to the UK and Europe, and we want to hear from you. Your input can help us make informed decisions and continue providing you with top-quality safety solutions that meet your unique needs. Thank you for being part of the Heskins community, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!



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