Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Makes the Grade.

Blue coarse resilient anti slip tapeOur word means almost nothing; verbal confirmation is nothing without trust. We always prefer external tests to be performed, we never test internally, we always send out to reputable laboratories in the UK, Germany, France or America.­  As part of our increased role in providing anti slip protection for the marine sector we have tested to BS5609.­  BS5609 is designed for testing materials that are submerged for 3 months in salt water at mid-tide.­  Our H3415 Coarse Resilient passed with flying colours.­  BS5609 is a tough test, 3 months continual submersion in salt water is hard, water submersion is hard enough and adding salt makes it much harder still. Coarse Resilient anti slip tape (H3415, H3450 or H3451) provides fantastic grip levels in a skin friendly non-abrasive format in a wide variety of colours, perfect for boats, docks, swimming pools and other areas exposed to water and moisture. For more information, or to place an order, please contact the sales team by email, phone, live chat or the contact us page on the site.

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