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Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape; Now Available in White


Advancements in production technology can allow us to do something as simple as a new colour. Our coarse resilient anti slip tape now has that very addition.

It has been a while since we have updated the blog, and as much as we have wanted to, due to extensive building work to have new offices put in (pictures coming soon), this has been a very busy time for us. The new offices will be a welcome, and much warmer, addition, and with the winter months drawing ever nearer, they couldn’t have been finished at a better time. This isn’t to say that we’ve been slacking, as we’ve still been creating new products, and one of the latest additions is our coarse resilient material, in a bright, gleaming white. Our non-abrasive materials are very popular, and we have demand for new colours constantly, of course, if the demand is high enough, then we roll it out for general sale.

White coarse resilient is the next in line….. Coarse resilient is an embossed material, as are most of our non-abrasive materials, but while it is molten, it is also micro-blown, which creates deeper troughs and valleys, which increases the coefficient of friction (CoF) further still. Coarse resilient anti slip tape is suitable for areas exposed to water or moisture, bare skin and areas that need to have high levels of hygiene at all times, such as restaurants and hospitals or clinics, as the material can be easily cleaned. Due to the material being of solid construction, whereas our abrasive anti-slip tape is a range of different graded minerals fixed in place with resin on an adhesive backing, it is well suited to these areas where contamination needs to be avoided at all costs. As always, our white clear coarse resilient is available in the usual vast range of lengths and widths, and samples are available.

Course resilient is our advancement in skin-friendly anti-slip tape. Our tape contains no grit granules and instead is embossed to the smooth surface. It provides strong non-slip properties similar to our safety-grip this provides excellent grip properties which is an abrasive option of ours this is what makes coarse resilient stand out from the rest, since non-abrasive tapes are skin-friendly, they are often much more difficult to improve the anti-slip properties. Coarse resilient is perfect for use in any environment, whether commercial or domestic.

Our resilient tape comes available in 3 different grades.

Coarse Resilient H3415: This is our standard grade of Coarse Resilient which can be applied anywhere and provide all the non-slip requirements necessary. We decided to produce two other variants for very specific or preferred needs.

Lean Coarse Resilient H3451: This is the thinnest version of our coarse resilient. The reduced thickness makes it more flexible and conformable to irregular surfaces or areas which is difficult to adhere to while also providing the same non-slip properties.

Thick Coarse Resilient H5401: This is our thicker version of coarse resilient coming in at 2mm thick. This is primarily used for stair nosing and inserts as the thicker material also provides some cushioning which gives a more comfortable step.

For more information visit the Coarse Resilient product page.

To request samples or place an order, please contact us by live chat or phone. Alternatively, complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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